Dream Lady

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Dream Lady
Eugene Field Memorial
Artist Edward McCartan
Year 1922
Type Bronze
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
Coordinates 41°55′16.23″N 87°37′56.03″W / 41.9211750°N 87.6322306°W / 41.9211750; -87.6322306

Dream Lady, also known as the Eugene Field Memorial, is a bronze sculpture by Edward McCartan. It is located in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

Eugene Field (1850–1895) was an author and journalist, and wrote a humor column, "Sharps and Flats", for the Chicago Daily News. He was also well known as an author of poems for children.


The memorial cost $35,000, and was funded by public school children, citizens of Chicago and the B. F. Ferguson Monument Fund. It was dedicated on October 9, 1922.[1]

The inscriptions reads:

  • On upper base front left side:

Have you ever heard of the sugar plum tree
tis a marvel of great renown
it blooms on the shore of the lollipop sea
in the garden of shut eye town.

  • On upper base front right side:

Wynken, Blinken and Nod one night
sailed off in a wooden shoe
sailed on a river of crystal light
into a sea of dew.

  • On back of base:

Erected in 1922 by
school children and
citizens aided by the
Benj. F. Ferguson Fund unsigned[2]


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