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Dream Street
Genre Children's
Directed by Brian Johnson
Voices of Charlotte Bellamy (Buddy, Daisy Do-Right)
Emma Tate (Half-Pint)
Chris Jarvis (Hot Rodney, The Gossips (Amber & Scarlet)
Dave Benson Phillips (Jack Hammer, Ice Cool)
Narrated by Russ Abbott (Tech, The Sleeping Policemen)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 65 + 1 Christmas Special
Producer(s) Nigel Stone
Running time 9 minutes
Production company(s) CITV
Carlton Television
Platinum Films
Original network CITV and Nick Jr. (UK) Super RTL (Germany) TVO (Canada) SuperMax (Slovak) Nick Jr. (Australia) HBO Eastern Europe
Original release 6 May 1999 (1999-05-06) – 2002 (2002)

Dream Street was a British children's television series that ran from 6 May 1999 to 2002 on CITV. The show was narrated by British comedian Russ Abbot, and was aimed at children aged from 2 to 7. The show featured talking toy vehicles, which were radio controlled in real time. The series aired back on CiTV around 2008.

The show was set in a story book resting on the bedside table, and in later series with a child holding it, of a playroom during the night, whilst the child was asleep. The room also includes an element of Dream Street within it - the teddy bear clock. In later series, the title sequence revealed more of the things within the room, such as model Saturn bedposts.

The official slogan was; "Stimulate your child's imagination!, because Dream Street is a world of magical fun!". For Series 2, the theme tune contained the lyric "Get Streetwise", as part of the road safety campaign, which was repeated at the end of the show accompanying a short promo.

CITV, the original broadcaster, repeated the series in 2008-09, but it ended shortly after.

There have been VHS releases of the series by Carlton Video.

A revival of the series was announced in 2015.


  • Buddy - a pickup truck with various removable accessories, and the main character of the show. He seems to be best friends with Daisy. He loves to help out his friends with magic. Both he and Daisy are voiced by Charlotte Bellamy.
  • Daisy Do Right - a cute police car. She works with the police and does not like her policemen asleep on patrol. In the episode "King for a Day", she gives Rodney a do right duty to learn about queens and kings. She also loves to visit fields full of daisies. She is best friends with Buddy and likes to help her out.
  • Half Pint - a small and shy milk float. He loves sleeping in the dark. In the episode "King of the Road", Half Pint gets bullied by Hot Rodney about being slow, whilst in the episode "Midnight Monstering", he could not sleep last night. Half Pint is voiced by Emma Tate.
  • Hot Rodney - a brash and reckless hot rod car. In the series, he is very naughty. In the episode "Building Block Blunder", he chose Jack Hammer's do right duty. He is voiced by Chris Jarvis.
  • Hot Air - a strange 3-wheeled vehicle "bug" resembling a vacuum cleaner or an industrial compressor, and communicates sounds of a whoopee cushion. He is very naughty just like Rodney. In the episode "Check Up", he was tricked by Jack and Rodney that he has the "spotty botty bug". Also, in "Beep Beep!!" he takes Rodney's air horn.
  • Jack Hammer - a mischievous pneumatic drill. In Series 2, he is so naughty like Hot Air and Rodney. In "Building Block Blunder", he ties Hot Air to a building. Jack is voiced by Dave Benson Phillips.
  • The Wild Bunch - a group of traffic cones which like to cause trouble.
  • Ice Cool - an ice cream van who likes to help out serve ice creams to his friends. In the episode "Check Up", he helps out Half Pint to be healthy like him. He is voiced by Dave Benson Phillips.
  • The Gossips - a pair of traffic lights who like to gossip and talk and they are named Amber and Scarlet. They are voiced by Chris Jarvis.
  • Tech - a mechanical robot whose magical powers enable Buddy to take on different roles. Tech is voiced by Russ Abbott.


Series 1 (1999)

Hot Air

Written by Ross Hastings

When Buddy comes across Daisy Doright with her tyres let down, it is clear that Hot Air is on the loose. Hot Air sucks the air out of tyres leaving cars feeling flat and low.

Jumping Jack

Written by Barrie Hemsley

Hot Rodney sets Jack to do double dares, he does well with the first few but when Jack gets to the fourth double dare he gets stuck in a trumpet.


Written by George Tarry

Half-Pint thinks there's a real dinosaur in Dream Street so he and Jack Hammer hatch a plan to catch it only to catch Daisy instead.

Code Red

The Gossips are sick of Ice Cool and start a traffic jam to teach him a lesson however Daisy disapproves of them and gives them a do-right duty.

Bossy Boots

Jack Hammer is given the job of supervising the Dream Street roadworks gang, but the power of his position goes to his head.

Musical Madness

Ice Cool is playing loud music in Dream Street, the Gossips however get annoyed and ask the Sleeping Policeman to arrest him.

Tech's Magical Carnival

Tech goes missing on the day of his very own carnival.

King Of The Road

Written by Ross Hastings

Rodney bullies Half Pint about how he is faster than him. However Buddy challenges him to a race and if he wins, Hot Rodney has to stop bullying Half Pint.

Surprise, Surprise

Written by Ross Hastings

This is Buddy's birthday and Daisy is throwing a secret party for Buddy but no one can tell him and he gets upset everyone has forgotten, but at the end he is relieved when the party happens.

By The Book

Written by Ross Hastings

It is Daisy's police test and she is worried she will fail, so Jack and The Wild Bunch take it upon themselves and become thieves for the day to help Daisy practice then send all the policemen off to sleep to then steal the Big Book of Law.

Happy Butterday

Written by Ross Hastings

The Wild Bunch have spread butter all over Skipping Rope Bridge and when PC Snooze comes down to stop them, they push him down and he gets stuck in a tube. It is also the anniversary of Amber and Scarlett and Tech makes a cake for them saying; Amber And Scarlet: Friends Forever

Snoring & Touring

Written by Ross Hastings

The three sleeping policemen decide they need a holiday and ask for advice, but end up going to The Land Of Nod. Sadly though, they reach the top of Skipping Rope Bridge and fall asleep and roll all the way down and end up sleeping through the whole of their holiday and not going anywhere.

Over the Rainbow

Treasure Hunt

Dream Street Christmas Star

Series 2 (2000)

Midnight Monstering

Written by Ross Hastings

Jack Hammer dresses Hot Air up as a monster to scare Half Pint. Buddy teaches him a very valuable lesson.

Building Block Blunder

Written by Paul Larson

Buddy and Hot Air are trapped under some building blocks and Hot Rodney is the only one who can help them.

Check Up

The pals decide to have a check-up, but Hot Rodney and Jack Hammer scare everyone by painting spots on Hot Air.

King for a Day

When Half Pint the milk float is made King of Dream Street for the day, Hot Rodney is jealous and plans to steal his crown.

Beep Beep!!

Hot Air, the raspberry-blowing balloon car, takes a shine to Rodney's new air horn because it sounds just like him.

Mr Fixit

Jack Hammer, the bouncing pneumatic drill, decides to fix a few things, but he wreaks havoc and it is up to Buddy the magical truck to put things right.

Coughs and Sneezes

Hot Rodney pretends to be ill so that everyone will make a fuss of him. But when all his friends really do get sick, Rodney is the only one fit enough to look after them.

Go Faster Half-Pint

Half-Pint tries to be racey and tough and race around as fast as Hot Rodney, but ends up causing an accident. At the end, Daisy told him his do-right duty is to do a safe driving course.

Hot and Stinky

After some milk jugs is spilled Half Pint puts blocks around them, little does he know they go all stinky and the smell goes around Dream Street.

The Amazing Bounceroonie

Jack dresses up as the Amazing Bounceroonie and shows everyone his 'magic powers'.

"Pop Goes The Movies"

Dream Street is buried in popcorn when Jack's Whopper Popper Corny Popster goes wrong.

Video Specials[edit]

  • The Best of Dream Street (included on My Favourite Friends compilation video and also released as My Friends From Dream Street)
  • Surprise, Surprise
  • Midnight Monstering and other magical stories (6 episodes from Series 2)
  • Jumping Jack (the first episodes from Series 1)
  • Dream Street: Christmas Star (Christmas special and 4 episodes from Series 1)
  • Treasure Hunt (rest of the remaining Series 1 episodes)


  • The characters were used to promote road safety for children in a short-lived campaign, called Streetwise.
  • For unknown reasons, there are very few references to this series on the Internet. Many toys and VHS videos are sometimes seen on Amazon and other auction sites, such as eBay, but there seems to be little fan activity.

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