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Dreamboat Records is a British independent record label based in Bristol, England.


The label was founded in 2005, and released records on a small scale for a group of local artists. In 2009 it expanded to include releases of independent film soundtracks. In 2009, they became the label for This Is The Kit and, in 2010, the UK label for Bear in Heaven.


Film soundtracks[edit]



Artist Title Catalog Number Release date
The Rollercoaster Project Hatefield DRMBT001 2005
Various Summer 2006 Sampler DRMBT002 2006
The Rollercoaster Project Drone 1 (EP) DRMBT003 2007
Various Dreamboat Christmas 2006 DRMBT004 2006
Azalea City Penis Club The Coffin Years DRMBT005 2007
Robin Allender The Bird And The Word DRMBT006 2007
The Gala Band Little Revelations DRMBT007 2007
Various Dreamboat Records 2008 DRMBT008 2007
Various Dreamboat Christmas 2007 DRMBT009 2007
The Allender Band In The Grip Of Light DRMBT010 2008
The Allender Band Outer Dark DRMBT011 2008
Various How To Be Movie Soundtrack DRMBT012 2009
Whalebone Polly Taproot And Sill (EP) DRMBT013 2009
Richard Lumsden Morris: A Life with Bells On Movie Soundtrack DRMBT014 2009
John Parish She, A Chinese - Original Soundtrack DRMBT015 2010
Various Dreamboat 2010 DRMBT016 2010
The Quebe Sisters Timeless DRMBT017 2010
The Quebe Sisters Texas Fiddlers DRMBT018 2010
Bear In Heaven Beast Rest Forth mouth DRMBTHT034 2010
Bear In Heaven Beast Rest Forth Mouth Remixed DRMBT019 2010
This Is The Kit Wriggle Out The Restless DRMBT020 2010
Adam and Joe Song Wars Volume 2 DRMBT022 2010