Dreamer (novel)

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First edition
Author Daniel Quinn
Country United States
Language English
Publisher Tor Books
Publication date
December 15, 1988
Media type Paperback)
Pages 345 pp
ISBN 0-812-52475-6
OCLC 18917742
LC Class CPB Box no. 2479 vol. 15

Dreamer is a novel written by Daniel Quinn in 1988.

Plot summary[edit]

Awake, Greg Donner falls in love with the beautiful red-headed Ginny Winters, a woman with a mysterious past. Asleep, Greg dreams of pursuing Ginny through a terrifyingly deserted Chicago. Awake, Richard Iles is confined to a sanatorium in Kentucky and trapped in a turbulent marriage to Ginny Winters. Asleep, Richard dreams he is Greg Donner. And when he next wakes up, he IS Greg Donner. But Ginny has gone. Overall, Quinn regards this work as a love story that depicts certain components of his relationship with his own wife.