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Studio album by Bill Holt
Released 1974
Genre Avant garde, sound collage
Length 52:00.
Label Stone Theater Productions
Producer Bill Holt

Dreamies is an experimental music album by Bill Holt, released in 1974. It is a collage of songs performed on guitar and synthesizer (a Moog Sonic Six) combined with snippets of found sound. The album consists of two long tracks (originally one on each side of the record) called "Program 10" and "Program 11", a reference to the Beatles' "Revolution #9". Dreamies includes excerpts of radio and television broadcasts as well as samples taken from recordings by the Beatles. It is one of the earliest examples of sampling in popular music.[1]


"Dreamies" is a term coined by Isaac Asimov in 1955 in a short story called "Dreaming is a Private Thing". It refers to manufactured dream sequences.


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