Dreaming Neon Black

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Dreaming Neon Black
Dreaming neon black album cover.jpg
Studio album by Nevermore
Released January 25, 1999
Recorded Village Productions, Tornillo, Texas
Genre Progressive metal, speed metal, power metal
Length 66:05
Label Century Media
Producer Neil Kernon
Nevermore chronology
The Politics of Ecstasy
Dreaming Neon Black
Dead Heart in a Dead World
Alternative covers
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Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2.5/5 stars [1]
Rock Hard 8.5/10 stars[2]

Dreaming Neon Black is the third studio album released by Seattle progressive metal band Nevermore, and was released through Century Media in 1999. Unlike its predecessor, The Politics of Ecstasy, this album is very emotional and contains many slower, ballad-type songs. It is also notable that Dreaming Neon Black is a concept album of sorts. According to Nevermore's lead singer, Warrel Dane, "it's a very simple story about a man who slowly goes insane after losing a woman that he was very close to. Progressive levels of insanity are expressed in the songs, he goes through phases of denial and self-blame, blaming God, then denouncing God. The ending is a little...tragic, a little depressing. Shakesperian. Everybody dies, it's all happy", which may be based on an event in the life of Dane. Supposedly, his old girlfriend left him when she joined a religious cult and was never heard from again, and he began having nightmares of her crying out to him as she drowned. This has been confirmed by Warrel himself in an older interview.[citation needed] The spoken word samples from the intro "Ophidian" and its 10-second reprise at the end of "Forever" are from the Clive Barker movie, Lord of Illusions.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics written by Warrel Dane; all music composed by Nevermore.

Dreaming Neon Black
No. Title Length
1. "Ophidian" (instrumental) 0:46
2. "Beyond Within" 5:11
3. "The Death of Passion" 4:10
4. "I Am the Dog" 4:13
5. "Dreaming Neon Black" 6:26
6. "Deconstruction" 6:39
7. "The Fault of the Flesh" 4:54
8. "The Lotus Eaters" 4:25
9. "Poison Godmachine" 4:33
10. "All Play Dead" 4:58
11. "Cenotaph" 4:39
12. "No More Will" 5:45
13. "Forever" 9:20

Note: At the end of the song Forever (2:35), there's 6:35 minutes of silence. After the silence, a 10-second section from the track Ophidian can be heard.


Additional personnel
  • Christine Rhoades - additional vocals
  • Neil Kernon - production, mixing, mastering
  • Justin Leeah - additional engineering
  • Bobby Torres - additional engineering
  • Raymon Breton - mastering
  • Travis Smith - illustrations, design, photography
  • Karen Mason-Blair - band photography
  • Louis Rusconi - additional photography www.Rusconi.com
  • Brad Gilson Jr. - additional photography


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