Dreaming Now!

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"Dreaming Now!"
Koda Kumi Dreaming Now! CD+DVD.jpg
Single by Kumi Koda
from the album Bon Voyage
ReleasedNovember 13, 2013 (JP)
GenreJapanese pop/R&B/Hip-hop
LabelRhythm Zone
Songwriter(s)Kumi Koda
Kumi Koda singles chronology
"Summer Trip"
"Dreaming Now!"
CD only
Dreaming Now! CD
Dreaming Now! CD

Dreaming Now! is the fifty-sixth single by Japanese singer-songwriter Kumi Koda and was released on November 13, 2013. It charted at #5 on Oricon, took #9 for the weekly ranking and charted for four weeks.

The song was written by Kumi in honor of Japan's part in the "2013 Volleyball World Grand Champion Cup" for men and women, both of which were held in Japan.

The single contained one b-side, "XXX."

Background information[edit]

Dreaming Now! is pop/R&B singer-songwriter Kumi Koda's fifty-sixth single under the Avex sub-label Rhythm Zone. It was released on the artist's 31st birthday on November 13.[1] The single debuted at #5 and peaked at #4 on the Oricon Singles Charts, remaining on the charts for one month.[2][3] During its four-week run, the single shifted 25,953 units.[4] The single was of a limited release made to honor Japan's part in the "2013 Volleyball World Champion Cup" for men and women.[5][6]

The single was released in three editions, with each edition carrying different lives for the third track. Standard CD and CD+DVD editions held "XXX" and a live version of "Ai no Uta" to couple the a-side; fan club editions replaced the live of "Ai no Uta" with a live version of "All for you"; on the Hibiya Yagai Anniversary Edition, a live version of "LALALALALA" was used for track three.[7][8]


The single was released in five editions:

  • CD
  • CD+DVD
  • CD+KODA KUMIxEMODA tote bag [Fan Club Edition]
  • CD+DVD+KODA KUMIxEMODA tote bag [Fan Club Edition]
  • CD [Hibiya Yagai Anniversary Edition]

Limited editions of the standard CD and CD+DVD came with the live of her 2007 ballad "Ai no Uta," which she performed at ZUSHI FES'13.[9]

Music video[edit]

The single's video carried a volleyball theme to support the World Cup, and included a heavy dance number, making it her first video to have a full original dance since 2009's "ECSTASY."

Track List[edit]


  1. Dreaming Now!
    Lyrics: Koda Kumi
    Music: Mitsu J
  2. XXX
    Lyrics: Koda Kumi
    Music: T-SK • Hiromi Rainbow • Gabriele Guidi • Michela Lombardi
  3. Ai no Uta [LIVE @ZUSHI FES'13]
    Lyrics: Koda Kumi • Kosuke Morimoto
    Music: Kosuke Morimoto


  1. Dreaming Now! (Music Video)
    Producer: Seki Ryuji • Akihiro Kubo (MFG)
  2. IS THIS TRAP? [Live at a-nation island 2013]
    Producer: Akihiro Kubo (MFG)
  3. Dreaming Now! (Making Video)
    Producer: Akirhiro Kubo (MFG)

Fan Club Edition[edit]

  1. Dreaming Now!
  2. XXX
  3. All for you [Live at Premium Night 〜Love & Songs〜]

Hibiya Yagai Anniversary Edition[edit]

  1. Dreaming Now!
  2. XXX
  3. LALALALALA [Live at Summer Trip Live 2013]


Oricon Sales Chart (Japan)[edit]

Release Chart Peak Position First Day/Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
November 13, 2013 Oricon Daily Charts 4
Oricon Weekly Charts 9 21,135 25,953 4 week
Oricon Monthly Charts 145 25,953
Oricon Yearly Charts 276

Alternate Versions[edit]

Dreaming Now!

  1. Dreaming Now!: Found on the single (2013) and corresponding album Bon Voyage (2014)
  2. Dreaming Now! [TJO & YUSUKE from BLU-SWING Remix]: Found on Koda Kumi Driving Hit's 6 (2014)


  1. XXX: Found on the single (2013)
  2. XXX [4 Skips vs. Floorbreaker EDM Remix]: Found on Koda Kumi Driving Hit's 6 (2014)


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