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Years active2000–present
LabelsGizmo Lab, Shum Records, 56 Stuff, Collaps, Kahvi Collective
WebsiteOfficial Website
MembersDenis Korabkov, Egor Kunovsky, Andrei Karpovich, Anre Karp
Past membersAnna Lazarevich, Kyrill Skarynin

Dreamlin is an electronic music group from Belarus. Dreamlin, hailing from Minsk, Belarus started when Denis «C4» Korabkov, who used to play guitar with a local cult, psychedelic reggae band at the time met Egor Kunovsky, who had long been involved with music software and computers.

In 2000, they teamed together as Dreamlin and had their music used in several underground films and videos worldwide as well hitting the #1 artist spot at Ampcast.com in summer 2001.

In 2002 they started playing to live crowds and soon became the most requested electronic act in the country. Their constant love to mixing electronic and live instruments brought on stage a vocalist and several other people who played guitars, drums and electronic drums, flute and all kinds of percussion.

By 2004 Egor plays most of the gigs together with multyinstrumentalist Andrey Karpovich (Andre Karp), while Denis prefers studio work, now not only with Dreamlin project. Collaborative tracks do not include just local live musicians; the geography of people who worked with Dreamlin spreads from Finland to Hawaii.

The style of the music that Dreamlin produces is not limited to a genre or two. No matter that on most flyers Dreamlin is listed as downtempo, you can hear almost any kind of electronic music except trance in their sets. All kinds of broken beats are preferred, but some mellow chill-out house tune is also quite likely to be heard.

The first album, The Colour Of The City was released in 2004 in Belarus, in 2005 in Russia and 2006 saw it available on digital download sites worldwide. It was later removed from sale as Collaps closed and re-released again in 2013.

In 2006 Dreamlin was first invited to play a gig outside of ex-USSR and later was listed at the biggest open-air event in Belarus, which takes place yearly at Borovaya aero-club near Minsk.

In 2007 Andrey has left the country and returned only in 2009 when the band finally started to make songs with Andrey's vocals.

The second standalone release of music by Dreamlin is the Monday Islands EP released in 2008 as digital download.

"Let's" EP was released in 2011 and featured music that would be most likely interesting to Russian-speaking audience.

Latest official album is "Let me know" released in 2016.

  • Denis is also writing music with projects including Stars Alliance, Red Groove and Paradise Surfers.
  • Andrey is also member and leader of countless rock bands, one of which, Parason won Basovišča festival in 2006.
  • Egor is also a member of the crew of several promo groups and record labels.

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