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Dresden English FC
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Full nameDresden English Football Club
Founded18 March 1874; 145 years ago (1874-03-18)
Dissolved30 April 1898; 121 years ago (1898-04-30)
GroundGüntzwiesen, Dresden
ChairmanRev. Bowden

The Dresden English Football Club was a football club founded in 1874 in Dresden, the first in Germany and likely the first outside Great Britain.


Initial foundation[edit]

The Dresden English Football Club was founded in 1874 and was the first football club in Germany,[1] probably the first in continental Europe.[2][3][4] That year, over 70 members participated, primarily Englishmen working in Dresden,[5] watched by hundreds of spectators.[2] They played on a meadow at the Güntzwiesen, near the Blüherpark and the site of today's Glücksgas Stadium.[2][6]

In April 1874, the Illustrirte Zeitung [sic] of Leipzig reported on the establishment of an association "calling itself Dresden Football Club (D.F.C.)" to play a game "in which the ball is propelled forward with the foot", and described: "some twenty young men in a costume, namely in different colours to distinguish them. A kind of woollen or silk underjacket, with or without sleeves, short-fitting leg coverings that show the bare knee, long stockings, [and] very comfortable shoes or lace-up boots make up the ensemble."[7][3]

Between 1891 and 1894, seven matches are documented, the first six of which the Dresden team won; as a Vienna sports paper reported, they had not even allowed a goal to be scored against them. Their goal ratio was 34:0.[2][3] In a match played on New Year's Day 1891, they defeated the English F.C. of Berlin 7:0; according to an account published in 1898 by the founding vice president of the German Football Association, Philipp Heineken, the Berliners described their play as nonplusultra.[2][3] On 18 April 1892 at Berlin, in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Culture and of the British ambassador, they won 3:0 against a representative city team; this was presumably the Deutscher Fußball- und Cricketbund, which had the status of an early national German team.[2][3] Their first defeat, on 10 March 1894, was a 2:0 loss to another Berlin team, Tor und Fußball Club Victoria 89, with both goals scored in the first ten minutes.[2][8]

Players in 1894 were: Beb (Captain), Burchard, Crossley, Graham, Atkins, Spencer, Ravenscraft, Johnson, le Maistre, Luxmoore, Young. The president of the club was Rev. Bowden.[2]


On 30 April 1898, former members of the Dresden English Football Club and of the Neue Dresdner FC (founded in 1893 by former DEFC members and now SpVgg Dresden-Löbtau 1893) founded the Dresdner Sport-Club.[3][4][9] Until sports historian Andreas Wittner uncovered the earlier history of the DFC, it was thought to have been founded only in 1890.[3]

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Further reading[edit]

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