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Dresser Atlas is an American provider of oil field and factory automation services, formed in 1968 through the merger of Pan Geo Atlas Corporation and Lane Wells Company. In 1987, the company merged with Western Geophysical to form Western Atlas, and in 1998, Western Atlas was acquired by Baker Hughes, and, since then, was named Baker Atlas.

Providing oil field and factory automation services worldwide, Western Atlas Inc. was the world's largest provider of seismic data to the oil industry and was the leading designer of assembly lines for US vehicle manufacturers. The company was spun off from Litton Industries late in 1993. Sales during 1994, its first year of operation as an independent, topped $2 billion. About 75 percent of those receipts were garnered from foreign operations.

Dresser Atlas was a division of Dresser Industries Inc.

Dresser Atlas provided open-hole petrophysics and oilfield completion services around the world in competition with Schlumberger and others.