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Drew Conway is an American data scientist known for his venn diagram definition of data science[1][2][3] as well as applying data science to study terrorism. He is currently the founder and CEO at technology startup Alluvium,[4] as well as advisor at multiple technology startups.[5]

Early life and education[edit]

Drew received his BA from Hamilton College (New York) in 2004, where he double-majored in Computer Science and Political Science. He was awarded a MacCracken fellowship and earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from New York University in May 2013. Between his studies, he worked in Washington, DC in the defense and intelligence communities for four years. As “an all-source analyst,” his specific role was to apply statistical and computational methods to problems of social dynamics and organization of interest to the DoD/IC.[6]


Drew is well known for his work in the New York City technology community. He was the Head of Data at Project Florida,[7] and he also co-founded DataKind[8] and DataGotham. He was previously the Scientist in Residence for IA Ventures.[9] He has talked on multiple forums for data science.[10][11][12][13] He has also acted as senior advisor to New York City's Mayor's Office of Data Analytics.[14]

Books Written[edit]

Drew Conway is the co-author alongside John Myles White of the book Machine Learning for Hackers, a book of case studies that illustrates data science from a hacker's perspective.[15] He is also co-author of Machine Learning for Email: Spam Filtering and Priority Inbox[16]


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