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Drica Moraes
Born Adriana Moraes Rego Reis
(1969-07-29) July 29, 1969 (age 47)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Occupation Actress
Spouse(s) Régis Faria (1994–2003)
Raul Shimdt (2003–2008)
Fernando Pitanga (2010–)
Children 1

Adriana Moraes Rego Reis (born July 29, 1969 in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian actress.

Professional life[edit]

Drica Moraes started doing theater in Andrews College, Zona Sul of Rio de Janeiro with Miguel Falabella. She also studied in Tablado, at the age of 13, and started her first experiences as an actress in theater for children, in Labours of Hercules, adaptation of the book by Monteiro Lobato in 1983. She also took part of the plays Our Town, 1984, and Little Red Riding Hood, written and directed by Maria Clara Machado, in 1985.

Moraes debuted professionally with the show The Secret of Cocachim, as Denise Crispum, in 1989, which earned her the Coca-Cola Award. In television, her first appearance could not have been more discreet. Her debut work took place in Rede Globo in 1986, in the episode O seqüestro de Lauro Corona, in the extinct Teletema, written by Ricardo Linhares. Although she was small, the role played by the actress drew the attention of director Roberto Talma, responsible for the show, which invited her to his first telenovela, Top Model, three years later, where she played the maid Cida.

While working for the author Walcyr Carrasco, she played Machiavellian villains and comic girls. In 1996, she made a special appearance in the drama of Rede Manchete, whereas joining the cast of the novel Xica da Silva, as the terrible and evil Violante, which earned her the APCA award for Best Actress of the year. Four years later, in Rede Globo, she portrayed the selfish Marcela in the telenovela O Cravo e a Rosa. In 2002, she was part of the telenovela Desejos de Mulher.[1] She was also the co-star character as the manicure Márcia in Chocolate com Pimenta. She had also portrayed Olívia in Alma Gêmea.

Prior to becoming an actress, Drica considered to be a designer and participated in the making of a poetry book, creating visual images to illustrate the work.[2] In July 2010, she debuted on the national movie circuit in O Bem Amado, in which she was one of Sisters Cajazeiras. Months later, in January 2011, the film was aired by Rede Globo as a series divided into four chapters.

In 2010, the actress had acute myeloid leukemia and underwent a bone marrow treatment. She acted in Ti Ti Ti as the physical therapist Teresa Batalha, in a cameo role character in the last chapters of the plot. In the same year she had a special appearance in an episode of A Grande Família.[3]

In 2012, she was in the miniseries Dercy de Verdade, playing Clô Prado.[4][5] In the same year, she returned into telenovelas in the remake of Guerra dos Sexos.[6]

In 2015, she portrayed Carolina Brito in the telenovela Verdades Secretas by Walcyr Carrasco, airing on June 8, 2015 to September 25, 2015.

Personal life[edit]

In 1994, when recording a show on TV, Drica met director Régis Farias. In the same year they married. In 1998 Drica discovered to be pregnant, for your happiness, but in a few months suffered a miscarriage, getting severely depressed and not wanting to get pregnant again. In 2003, the couple was not getting along, and decided to divorce.[7]

In 2003 Drica met and married the cultural producer Raul Shimdt. In 2009 Drica became a mother, which was her greatest dream: Why not want to get pregnant again for fear of having another miscarriage, she adopt a baby 1 month old, whom she named Mateus. She says she does not want the child to hide the fact that he intends to foster and adopt another baby after Mateus is greater. In 2008, for marital disagreements, Drica and Raul divorced. In early 2009 began a new relationship with the homeopathic physician Fernando Pitanga.[8]


In February 2010, after doing many tests, and over one year feeling very bad, with fainting and body aches, Moraes was admitted to the Samaritan Hospital to see what had, until there was a diagnosis of acute myeloid leukemia. Drica began to start chemotherapy.[9] His friends and relatives mobilized a major campaign for blood donation.[10][11][12] In July 2010, underwent a bone marrow transplant. Once retrieved, Drica gave an interview on Fantástico. During the interview, she said, "Your life will improve a lot if you do not die." She will make intensive care for another year and will be followed for life, to prevent the disease returning.


Year Title Role Notes
1986 Teletema O Sequestro de Lauro Corona
1989 Top Model Maria Aparecida (Cida)
1990 Lua Cheia de Amor Isabela Souto Maia
1994 Confissões de Adolescente Patrícia Cameo
Quatro por Quatro Denise
1996 Xica da Silva Violante Cabral
1997 A Comédia da Vida Privada A Voz do Coração
1998 Era Uma Vez Madalena Giunquetti
1999 Você Decide Faça a Coisa Certa
Mulher Zilda Maternidade, Mães de Família
Retrato Falado Sirleide Cameo
2000 Você Decide Laurinda Ídolos de Barro
Garotas do Programa
O Cravo e a Rosa Marcela
2001 Os Normais Bete Todos São Normais
Brava Gente Catiti Lira Paulistana
2002 A Grande Família Nenê, Esposa Carinhosa, Atendimento Personalizado
Desejos de Mulher Gilda
Os Normais Tudo Normal Até Que...
A Grande Família Sheila A Mulher Que Botou Chifre no Capeta
2003 Os Normais Rejane Nosso Já Famoso Episódio Infame
Chocolate com Pimenta Márcia
2004 Os Aspones Moira
2005 Alma Gêmea Olívia de Médici
2006 Pé na Jaca Pietra Cameo
2008 Queridos Amigos Vânia
2009 Decamerão - A Comédia do Sexo Tessa
Norma Regiane Cameo
2011 O Bem Amado Judicéia Cajazeira
Ti Ti Ti Teresa Batalha Cameo
A Grande Família Margareth Aqui se faz, aqui se paga
2012 Dercy de Verdade Clô Prado
A Grande Família Silvia A Rosa Púrpura do Bairro
Guerra dos Sexos Nieta Carneiro
2014 Doce de Mãe Rosalinda [13]
Império Cora dos Anjos [14][15][16]
2015 Verdades Secretas Carolina Brito
Year Title Role Notes
1990 Vaidade Short film
1992 Manôushe
1995 Mandarim
As Meninas Lia
1998 Traição Wife
2000 Bossa Nova Nadine
2001 Amores Possíveis Carol
2004 Onde Anda Você Paloma
2009 Os Normais 2 Silvinha
2010 O Bem Amado Judicéia Cajazeira
2011 Bruna Surfistinha Larissa
2014 Getúlio Alzira Vargas


Os Doze Trabalhos de Hércules
Nossa Cidade
Chapeuzinho Vermelho
O Segredo de Cocachim
A Bao A Qu
A Morta
Só Eles o Sabem
O Crime de Dr. Alvarenga
O Rei da Vela
Vítor ou Vitória
Mamãe Não Pode Saber
Noticias Cariocas
A Ordem do Mundo
À Primeira Vista


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