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Drink It Down is a traditional American drinking song found in many variants. The drink varies from stanza to stanza but the common refrain is "Drink it down ! Drink it down !"

In Charles Samuel Elliot's 1870 collection of Yale College songs[1] the refrain goes:

Here's to good old Yale,
drink it down, drink it down, ...

In the version cited by Jack London in The Strange Experience of a Misogynist the refrain goes:

"Here's to the good old whiskey,
For it makes you feel so frisky,
Drink it down ! Drink it down ! Drink it down !""

Elements of the traditional song were used in "Drink It Down", a 1936 song by Ralph Rainger and Leo Robin, first sung in the film Rhythm on the Range (1936) by Leonid Kinskey and Bing Crosby, accompanied by Bob Burns.

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