Drink Me (Poisoned Electrick Head album)

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Drink Me
Demo album by Poisoned Electrick Head
Released 1986
Genre Psychedelic rock, space rock, new wave, post-punk, indie rock
Label Dead Fly
Producer Poisoned Electrick Head
Poisoned Electrick Head chronology
Drink Me
Poisoned Electrick Head
(1992)Poisoned Electrick Head1992

Drink Me is the debut release by the English psychedelic rock band Poisoned Electrick Head.

Drink Me was released as a cassette-only mini-album on the band's own Dead Fly label. Several songs would be reissued on or re-recorded for subsequent releases: "20th Century Man/President's Reply" for the band's formal debut album and both "Dorothy" and "Head Song" for the Unmistakeably Rainbow Trout cassette album.

Track listing[edit]

(All songs by Poisoned Electrick Head)

  1. Apollo II
  2. The Legionnaire
  3. 20th Century Man/President's Reply
  4. Raindance
  5. Dorothy
  6. Head Song


  • Peter Atherton (credited as "Emerald Greenshade") - vocals
  • Andy Ford (credited as "Katmandu") - vocals
  • Billy Jones (credited as "Jefferson Jesu Devil") - guitars, synthesizer
  • Phil Nicol (credited as "Philippe Za Peep") - lead & rhythm guitars
  • Brian Carney (credited as "Professor Bubblekeys") - keyboards
  • Paul Bunyan (credited as "Tjunca B Low") - bass guitar
  • Bill Jennion (credited as "Victor Vibeskin") - drums
  • Al Carney (credited as "Burt Sliders") - sound manipulation