Drinking Boys and Girls Choir

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Drinking Boys and Girls Choir
Drinking Boys and Girls Choir in Club Steel Face at Zandari Festa 2018.jpg
Daegu skatepunk band Drinking Boys and Girls Choir perform in Club Steel Face at Zandari Festa 2018 on Oct. 6, 2018.
Background information
Also known asDBGC
OriginDaegu, South Korea
Genrespunk, skate punk
Years active2012-
LabelsDamnably, Electric Muse
MembersBae Meena (bass, vocal), Kim Myeong-jin (drums, vocals), Seo Bondu (guitar, vocal)

Drinking Boys and Girls Choir (DBGC) is a three-piece punk band from Daegu, a conservative city in southeastern South Korea.[1] The band name reflects their love of drinking, their youthful appearance, the fact all members participate in singing, and their gender inclusiveness. They cite the Japanese bands Hi-Standard, Dustbox, and Judy and Mary as influences, as well as Korean bands Crying Nut, ...Whatever That Means, and Billy Carter.[2] In 2013 they played at the Ulleungdo Dokdo Rock Festival, and in 2018 they played Big Day South festival in Busan.[3][4]

In 2007, Bae and Kim got to know each other through the music scene while both were playing in bands. In 2009, they formed a girl punk band called Chicken and Mayo ABC and moved up to Seoul, but both eventually returned to Daegu.[5]

In 2017, Kim was injured in a scooter crash and the band had to take a long break. During their downtime, they were able to concentrate on recording their first full-length album, "Keep Drinking," released in February 2018.[6]

Overseas success[edit]

They have played the music showcase Zandari Festa in 2013, 2015,[7] 2016[8] and 2018.[9]

A few months after they released their album, they received an email from UK indie label Damnably offering to add them to their label, joining fellow Korean band Say Sue Me from Busan. Their album is now available through Damnably.

They toured Indonesia in August 2018.[10] During their first show, the police locked them inside the venue and made everyone sit on the floor while they lectured them on drug use. Later they found out someone had smoked marijuana and passed out, and the owner called the police thinking he was dead. Their third show was also shut down by police but they played a secret show later that night.[11]

In October 2018, they were announced as one of the Korean bands to perform at Austin's South by Southwest in 2019.[12][13]

The members all have day jobs and have to take vacation days to go on tour.[14]


  • Bae Meena - bass, vocals
  • Kim Myeong-jin - drums, vocals
  • Seo Bondu - guitar, vocals
  • Park So-yeon - guitar (past)


  • We Are EP (2015)
  • Club Heavy 20th Anniversary compilation (2016)
  • Keep Drinking (2018)


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