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For other uses, see Drin.
Country Albania, Greece
Basin features
Main source Ioannina regional unit, Greece
River mouth Vjosë
40°17′12″N 20°2′32″E / 40.28667°N 20.04222°E / 40.28667; 20.04222Coordinates: 40°17′12″N 20°2′32″E / 40.28667°N 20.04222°E / 40.28667; 20.04222
Physical characteristics
Length 85 km (53 mi)
Vjose and Drino basin

The Drino or Drinos (Albanian: Drino, Greek: Δρίνος) is a river in southern Albania and northwestern Greece, tributary of the Vjosë. Its source is in the northwestern part of the Ioannina regional unit, near the village Delvinaki. It flows initially southwest, then northwest and crosses the Albanian border near Ktismata. It continues northwest through Gjirokastër and flows into the Vjosë near Tepelenë.