Drishti Rajkhowa

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Drishti Rajkhowa
Born Assam
Other names Manoj Rabha[1]
Criminal charge Terrorism
Criminal status Wanted

Drishti Rajkhowa (Assamese: দৃষ্টি ৰাজখোৱা) alias Manoj Rabha[2] was the Commander of the 109 battalion of ULFA until 2011, the banned outlawed group of Assam. He is said to be one of the close confidantes of the group's C-in-C[clarification needed] Paresh Baruah and an RPG expert.[3] He is also a central committee member of the group.[4] In November 2011, ULFA C-in-C Paresh Baruah ranked up him as the Deputy C-in-C along with Bijay Das alias Bijay Chinese, forming new central committee after Arabinda Rajkhowa and his followers involved with Lateral talk to GoI.[5]

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