Drive-Thru Records

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Drive-Thru Records
FounderRichard Reines, Stefanie Reines
Statusactive 1996–2008
Distributor(s)Universal, Sony, RED
GenrePop punk, emo, indie rock, post-hardcore
Country of originUS
LocationSherman Oaks, California, Woodland Hills, California, Santa Monica, CA
Official website
A cartoon-style illustration of a man driving a taxi. The man has a cigar and is winking, and the taxi has an angry face. The text "Drive-Thru 006" appears at the bottom of the image.
Drive-Thru Records logo used on Allister's You Can't Do that on Vinyl

Drive-Thru Records was a California-based independent record label owned by siblings Richard and Stefanie Reines. The label was partially responsible for popularizing the pop-punk/emo merger sound of the early to mid-2000s. After facing financial obstacles in getting their bands' music into stores, Drive-Thru entered into a distribution deal with MCA/Universal. In 2003 MCA was dissolved and folded into Geffen Records. One of the clauses of that agreement was MCA/Geffen being able to sign any band of their choosing from Drive-Thru's roster.

Once the Universal deal ended, they signed a contract with independent label Sanctuary Records. Starting with a new roster, the label garnered a top 10 platinum hit with "Here In Your Arms" by Hellogoodbye.[1] However, Sanctuary was on the verge of bankruptcy, and sold their assets to Universal Music. Drive-Thru Records got trapped in that deal, and were stuck with UMG, the catalog division of Universal. The label's last release was in 2008, when Richard and Stefanie Reines decided to concentrate on artist management and put Drive-Thru Records on indefinite hiatus.

The independent label sold over 7 million CDs. Bands that achieved notable success during their time with the label include Hellogoodbye, New Found Glory, Something Corporate, Dashboard Confessional, Fenix*TX, Finch, The Starting Line, Steel Train, Midtown, Rx Bandits, The Early November, Senses Fail, Home Grown, Halifax and Allister.

Love Minus Zero Recordings[edit]

Love Minus Zero Recordings was founded as the second subsidiary of Drive-Thru Records in January 2007.[2] This label was intended to comprise artists of a stronger singer-songwriter genre. Only two acts were ever signed to Love Minus Zero: Roark and Biirdie. This imprint was soon reabsorbed back into Drive-Thru Records.

Commercial Success[edit]

Drive-Thru Records have earned several silver, gold, and platinum albums and singles, that have been certified by RIAA, CRIA and BPI.

Certified Release[edit]

Year Artist Release Sales
2000 New Found Glory New Found Glory
2002 New Found Glory Sticks and Stones
2002 The Starting Line "The Best Of Me"
2004 New Found Glory Catalyst
2006 Hellogoodbye "Here (In Your Arms)"
  • US: Platinum[7]

List of former bands[edit]

* denotes inactive band.denotes former Rushmore Records signee.

Release catalog[edit]

This is the release list of Drive-Thru Records in order of release number.

  1. Cousin Oliver(818) (1997)
  2. Various ArtistsWhere's the Beef? (1997)
  3. RiverfenixRiverfenix (1997)
  4. Various ArtistsA Punk & Ska Christmas Gone Wrong (1997)
  5. The Pharmaceutical BanditsThose Damn Bandits (1998)
  6. AllisterYou Can't Do that on Vinyl 7" vinyl (1998)
  7. Various ArtistsMulletcore (1998)
  8. MothermaniaThe Sound and the Fury (1998)
  9. Caught InsideBolts in the Machine EP (1998)
  10. Rx BanditsHalfway Between Here and There (1999)
  11. Last SummerRemember Those Days (1999)
  12. MidtownThe Sacrifice of Life EP (1999)
  13. New Found GloryNothing Gold Can Stay (1999)
  14. AllisterDead Ends and Girlfriends (1999)
  15. Less Than JakeHello Rockview picture vinyl (1999)
  16. Not used
  17. Various ArtistsYou'll Never Eat Fast Food Again (1999)
  18. MidtownSave the World, Lose the Girl (2000)
  19. New Found GloryFrom the Screen to Your Stereo EP (2000)
  20. Dashboard ConfessionalThe Swiss Army Romance (2000)
  21. The BenjaminsThe Art of Disappointment (2001)
  22. Rx BanditsProgress (2001)
  23. The Starting LineWith Hopes of Starting Over EP (2001)
  24. FinchFalling into Place EP (2001)
  25. Something CorporateAudioboxer EP (2001)
  26. The MovielifeThe Movielife Has a Gambling Problem EP (2001)
  27. Various ArtistsWelcome to the Family (2001)
  28. FinchWhat It Is to Burn (2002)
  29. Home Grown3 Song Sampler (2002)
  30. Home GrownKings of Pop (2002)
  31. The Starting Line3 Song Sampler (2002)
  32. The Starting LineSay It Like You Mean It (2002)
  33. AllisterLast Stop Suburbia (2002)
  34. The Early NovemberFor All of This EP (2002)
  35. The Early NovemberThe Acoustic EP (2003)
  36. Steel TrainFor You My Dear EP (2003)
  37. Inadvertently, there were two releases with the release number 37:
  38. Senses FailFrom the Depths of Dreams EP (2003)
  39. Rx BanditsThe Resignation (2003)
  40. The Starting LineThe Make Yourself at Home EP (2003)
  41. Various ArtistsDrive-Thru Invasion Tour Compilation (2003)
  42. The Early NovemberThe Room's Too Cold (2003)
  43. Hidden in Plain ViewHidden in Plain View EP (2003)
  44. Steel Train1969 EP (2003)
  45. JenoahMorning Is When Jenoah Wakes Up EP (2004)
  46. HellogoodbyeHellogoodbye EP (2004)
  47. New Found GloryCatalyst (2004)
  48. I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's BusinessI Can Make a Mess Like Nobody's Business (2004)
  49. Home GrownWhen It All Comes Down EP (2004)
  50. An AngleAnd Take It with a Grain of Salt (2004)
  51. Various ArtistsHappy Holidays from Drive-Thru Records (2004)
  52. HalifaxA Writer's Reference EP (2005)
  53. Various ArtistsDrive Thru Records: Bands You Love, Have Heard of, and Should Know (2005)
  54. Hidden in Plain ViewLife in Dreaming (2005)
  55. Steel TrainTwilight Tales from the Prairies of the Sun (2005)
  56. An AngleWe Can Breathe under Alcohol (2005)
  57. AdelphiWalking on the Ceiling of the Sky EP (2005)
  58. The Early November/I Am the AvalancheSplit (2005)
  59. Various ArtistsListen to Bob Dylan: A Tribute (2005)
  60. SocraticLunch for the Sky (2005)
  61. I Am the AvalancheI Am the Avalanche (2005)
  62. The Early NovemberThe Room's Too Cold re-release (2005)
  63. AllisterBefore the Blackout (2005)
  64. Various ArtistsDrive-Thru Records Greatest Hits (2005)
  65. Halifax3 Song Sampler (2006)
  66. HalifaxThe Inevitability of a Strange World (2006)
  67. Dave MelilloTalk Is Cheap EP (2006)
  68. The Early NovemberThe Mother, the Mechanic, and the Path (2006)
  69. HellogoodbyeZombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! (2006)
  70. House of FoolsHouse of Fools EP (2006)
  71. Self Against CityTelling Secrets to Strangers (2007)
  72. Hidden In Plain ViewResolution (2007)
  73. House of FoolsLive and Learn (2007)
  74. Inadvertently, there were two releases with the release number 74:
  75. New Found GloryFrom the Screen to Your Stereo Part II (2007)
  76. Steel TrainTrampoline (2007)
  77. Inadvertently, there were two releases with the release number 77:
  78. HellogoodbyeEP/DVD Split (2008)
  79. HellogoodbyeZombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! And More!(2008)
  80. Not used
  81. SocraticSpread The Rumors (2008)
  82. Not used
  83. Houston CallsThe End of an Error (2008)
  84. Various ArtistsDrive-Thru Records Special Edition 26th Anniversary EP Box Set (2023)

DVD releases[edit]

  • Drive-Thru Records DVD Vol.1 (2002)
  • Drive-Thru Records DVD Vol.2: Spectacular, Spectacular (2003)[8]
  • Drive-Thru and Rushmore Records DVD Vol.3 (2005)
  • Drive-Thru Records DVD Vol.4 (2006)
  • "Hellogoodbye OMG HGB ROTFL"


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