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Industry Advertising, Marketing
Founded 2006
Headquarters Manhattan, New York, United States
Number of locations
New York, New York; London, England
Area served
World Wide
Website http://droga5.com

Droga5 is a New York City-based global advertising agency founded in 2006. It has been named Agency of the Year seven times and one of Advertising Age's top 10 agencies for the past five years. In 2013 it was one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies and, according to Crain's New York Business, one of the 50 fastest growing businesses in New York City.[1][2][3][4] In July 2013 Droga5 announced a significant minority investment by William Morris Endeavor.[5]


Creative Chairman David Droga founded Droga5 in New York City in early 2006. Later that year, former Vice Chairman Andrew Essex, Chief Creation Officer Sally Ann Dale, Global CFO Judd Merkel and Executive Creative Director Duncan Marshall joined him at the fledgling agency.[6] Since 2006, Droga5 has grown its partnership with the addition of Global CEO Sarah Thompson, Global Chief Strategy Officer Jonny Bauer, Chief Creative Officer Ted Royer and Global General Counsel Scott Waldbaum.[7][8]

After two years of operating from a single global office, Droga5 opened a Sydney location in 2008, led by Chief Executive Sudeep Gohil and Creative Chairman David Nobay. A London location was started in 2013.[9][10]

In July 2013, William Morris Endeavor announced a significant minority investment in Droga5, forging an uncommon partnership and sharing of resources between an advertising and entertainment agency.[5]

Notable campaigns[edit]

In addition to its work for clients including The Coca-Cola Company, Google, Heineken International, Hennessy, Mondelēz International, Motorola, Prudential, New York City Football Club, Toyota, Scion, Unilever, Under Armour and Qantas, Droga5 has supported projects for UNICEF, the United Nations, the 2008 Obama campaign, the New Museum and the New York City and Oklahoma City Departments of Education.[11]

Affordable Care Act[edit]

In March 2014, with 30 days left for Americans to register for health coverage at Healthcare.gov, the White House approached Droga5 for some creative assistance in promoting the initiative. The result was a campaign to reach young adults by engaging the people they turn to first for health advice: their mothers. Featuring the first lady, along with the mothers of Jonah Hill, Adam Levine, Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys, the #YourMomCares videos and social media campaign prompted young Americans to register by amplifying the voices of the people in their lives who care most.[12]


In 2010, Droga5 created a Web-based game to launch music artist Jay-Z’s autobiography. Each page of the book was revealed in a public location before the book’s official release, and players could locate the pages by using Bing search engine and maps.[13] Later, in 2011 Droga5 won the Integrated Grand Prix Award, Outdoor Grand Prix Award and the Titanium Award for the Bing Jay-Z Decoded campaign at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.[14]

Clinton Foundation[edit]

On International Women’s Day 2015, Droga5 launched "Not There Yet", a campaign for the Clinton Foundation that highlights women's inequality.[15] The agency symbolicallt partnered with more than 20 brands, including Conde Nast, to remove women from advertisements and other media, and replace them with the URL not-there.org. Over 300 people spread the world via social media, resulting in over 25,000 tweets surrounding the campaign. In the first week alone, over 200,000 people engaged with the data bringing women and girls one step closer to getting there.

Ecko Unltd.[edit]

Droga5 created and leaked an online prank video of what appeared to be a graffiti artist vandalizing Air Force One with the words “Still Free” to promote Mark Ecko’s website, stillfree.com.[16]

Equal Pay Back Project[edit]

In October 2014, Droga5 launched the Equal Payback Project, a crowdfunding campaign to close the wage gap for millennial women.[17] The campaign involved a crowdfunding website along with a humorous video featuring Sarah Silverman in which she takes drastic action to make sure she is entitled to the same pay as any man.

The Equal Payback Project had an ambitious goal to raise $29,811,746,430,000 the approximate losses of 69 million working women who are working year-round for 40 years. The campaign gained millions of views, as well as $100K for its client the National Women’s Law Center, a leading non-profit advocating for equal pay.[18]

In June 2015, Droga5 won a Glass Lion for the campaign at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.[19]

Honey Maid[edit]

When Droga5 launched the "This is Wholesome” campaign for Mondelez International's Honey Maid brand in early 2014, public response to TV commercials with diverse casting (including same-sex parents, single fathers, mixed race families and others) was generally positive but also included some negative backlash. As a follow-up, Honey Maid created a piece of art made up of printed paper with all social media responses spelling out the word love. Negative social posts were used to compile the word "love" itself, and positive social posts were used in the surrounding space. The video capturing the creation of the project went viral the week after the TV commercials launched.[20]

In September 2014, Droga5 worked with Honey Maid to draw attention to a common family structure that is rarely talked about, blended families.[21]

Jewish Council for Education and Research[edit]

During the 2008 Obama campaign, Droga5 launched The Great Schlep, an initiative aimed at generating votes for Obama from the Jewish constituency. The effort consisted of a website and online video featuring comedian Sarah Silverman.[22]


For the launch of Motorola's Moto X phone in 2013, Droga5 created a campaign that featured a series of films titled “Lazy Phone”. The spots generated more than 7 million views on YouTube within three days of its launch.[23]

Newcastle Brown Ale[edit]

In advance of Super Bowl XLVIII, Droga5 launched a series of online videos for Newcastle Brown Ale, which had neither the budget nor the permission required to actually advertise during the game. The “If We Made It” campaign included teasers, storyboards, focus groups, and “behind the scenes” footage from Anna Kendrick and Keyshawn Johnson.[24][25][26]

New Museum[edit]

As the New Museum prepared to relocate to the Bowery in 2007, Droga5 helped the institution develop a brand campaign based on the iconic shape of its new building and released it in outdoor locations across New York City.[27] Among Droga5's campaigns was Recalling 1993, a 2013 campaign for the bi-decennial exhibition NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set Trash and No Star, which used payphones in New York City to share historical narratives from the city in 1993, in promotion of the exhibition's focus on 1993 art.[28]

New York City and Oklahoma City Departments of Education[edit]

In 200,8 Droga5 launched the Million, an incentive-based program that rewarded New York City students with talking minutes and text messages for improved performance in school. Later that year, Droga5 won the Titanium Award at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival for the Million.[29][30] A second pilot program launched in Oklahoma City in 2010.[31]


Droga5’s first work for Prudential was a TV commercial in 2011 featuring footage from 100 different cities of the sunrise on the same day. The spot launched the "Bring Your Challenges" rebranding of Prudential’s financial services business.[32] The "Day One" campaign for Prudential, also launched in 2011, included a website and a series of documentaries featuring real retirees from across the US to encourage the public to plan for retirement.[33] The 2013 installment of the "Bring Your Challenges" brand campaign included an online platform called The Challenge Lab, which won a Titanium Lion at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, among other awards.[34]

Under Armour[edit]

Droga5 was tasked with creating a space for Under Armour Women's brand to grow.[35] In 2014, Droga5's campaign kicked off with a film featuring ballerina Misty Copeland.[36] The second phase of the campaign featured supermodel, Gisele Bündchen.[37] The campaign went viral with over 3.5 billion impressions. In December 2014, Under Armour was named Advertising Age's Marketer of the Year.[38] In June 2015, Droga5 won the Cyber Grand Prix Award for Under Armour's "I Will What I Want" campaign featuring Gisele Bündchen at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.[39]

U.S. Fund for UNICEF[edit]

In 2007, Droga5 launched the UNICEF Tap Project, an initiative encouraging restaurant patrons to donate $1 for tap water typically served with meals.[40] Their work on the UNICEF Tap Project won Droga5 the Titanium Award at the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival in 2007.[14]



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