Drogheda (UK Parliament constituency)

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Former Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
Number of members One
Replaced by South Louth

Drogheda was a parliamentary borough constituency in Ireland, which returned one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. It was an original constituency represented in Parliament when the Union of Great Britain and Ireland took effect on 1 January 1801, replacing the Drogheda constituency in the Parliament of Ireland.


This constituency was the Parliamentary borough of Drogheda in County Louth.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member Party Note
1801, January 1 Edward Hardman 1801: Co-opted
1806, November 14 Henry Meade Ogle Tory
1807, November 14 Hon. Thomas Foster Whig
1812, October 21 Henry Meade Ogle Tory
1820, March 28 Henry Metcalfe Tory Died
1822, March 9 William Meade Smyth Tory
1826, June 17 Peter Van Homrigh
1830, August 13 John Henry North Tory Died
1831, October 20 Thomas Wallace Whig
1832, December 15 Andrew Carew O'Dwyer Repeal Association Re-elected as the candidate of a Liberal/Repealer pact
1835, January 12 Liberal Unseated on petition. New writ issued.
1835, April 24 Unseated on petition
1835, June 21 Hon. Randal Edward Plunkett Conservative Declared elected on petition
1837, August 3 Rt Hon. Sir William Somerville, Bt Liberal
1852, July 13 James McCann Liberal Became a member of the Independent Irish Party
1852 Independent Irish Re-elected as a Liberal candidate
1857, April 4 Liberal
1865, July 17 Benjamin Whitworth Liberal Unseated on petition. New writ issued.
1869, March 15 Thomas Whitworth Liberal
1874, February 5 Dr William Hagarty O'Leary Home Rule League Died
1880, March 2 Benjamin Whitworth Home Rule League Last MP for the constituency
1885 Constituency abolished