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Developer(s) Bostone Consulting
Initial release 8 May 2010
Stable release 2.1.5 / 8 November 2010
Written in Java
Operating system Android
Platform Android Mobile Phones
Available in English
Type social network
License adware or paid
Website droidin.net

DroidIn is an application running on the Android operating system. DroidIn is being developed by Bostone Consulting.[1] DroidIn makes the social network LinkedIn directly available on an Android phone
DroidIn is available via the Android Market


Bostone Consulting develops Java applications and recently[when?] they started developing for the Android platform. Based on the information on the Bostone website DroidIn is so far the only application for Android developed by them. The activities of Bostone can be followed via a blog.[2]

The LinkedIn website can be accessed from a mobile phone, but is not designed for use on a small screen. DroidIn makes information from the LinkedIn community more easily available via mobile phone. DroidIn can be used by users with an extant account on LinkedIn, to view their profile and members in their network, find potential new members, add new members to their network, and invite people. An integrated link to Twitter exists so users can publish any updates (e.g., new people in their network) to Twitter.


The options in DroidIn are quite basic. Via the configuration screen users can enter LinkedIn credentials (name and password) to enable alerts when they receive messages or updates from LinkedIn. For this last function DroidIn will automatically contact the LinkedIn servers: users can configure the interval period, how often the application must contact the servers. DroidIn keeps a local cache of downloaded profiles and pictures to limit data use and increase performance. Users can flush this local cache via two option: clear the profile cache and clear the photo-cache.[3]


The free version of DroidIn is available via the Android Marketplace. The application is free but contains adware. Users can disable the advertisements, which option is free for the first month. After a month, users must re-enable the ads, or upgrade to the paid version of the application.


DroidIn uses the LinkedIn databases but it is not distributed by the company behind nor are there formal links between LinkedIn and the developer of DroidIn, Bostone, which is an independent developer and has no formal links with LinkedIn.[1]

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