Drom HaSharon Regional Council

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Drom HaSharon
  • דרום השרון
Drom Hashron Regional Council Bus.jpg
District Central
 • Type Regional council (from 1980)
 • Head of Municipality Moti Delejo
 • Total 96,760 dunams (96.76 km2 or 37.36 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 70,200
Website Official website

The Drom HaSharon Regional Council (Hebrew: מוֹעָצָה אֲזוֹרִית דְּרוֹם הַשָׁרוֹן‬, translit. Mo'atza Azorit Drom HaSharon, lit. Southern Sharon Regional Council) is a regional council in the Sharon region in central Israel. Its offices are located on Highway 40 near Neve Yarak.

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Coordinates: 32°8′0.74″N 34°54′39.56″E / 32.1335389°N 34.9109889°E / 32.1335389; 34.9109889