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Dropdead live in Texas.jpg
Dropdead live in Austin, Texas on May 19, 2007
Background information
Origin Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.
Genres Hardcore punk,[1] powerviolence
Years active 1990–present
Associated acts The Fuzz, Lolita Black, I, Destroyer, Straight to Hell, Battlesnake, Monster X, Extinction Machine, She Rides, Fucking Invincible, Sweet Jesus, Mountain Man
Members Bob Otis
Ben Barnett
Brian Mastrobuono
George Radford
Past members Devon Cahill
Lee Mastrobuono

Dropdead is an American hardcore punk[2] band based in Providence, Rhode Island.[3] They have been active in the punk scene since 1991,[4] having been formed in 1990. The band's songs are generally short and very fast-paced, with few lasting longer than one minute. Other famous hardcore and crust punk bands like Nasum[5] have covered some of their songs.


Former members
  • Devon Cahill – bass. Previously in Monster X, Exploding Corpse Action, Conniption, and Hail Mary
  • Lee Mastrobuono – bass.


The influences listed on the band's MySpace page are Siege, Japanese hardcore groups Gauze and S.O.B., British anarcho-punk groups Crass and Conflict, Swedish D-beat bands Mob 47 and Anti Cimex, and Japanoise pioneer Merzbow.[6]


  • Untitled 7" (1992, Crust Records)
  • Dropdead/Rupture - split 8" (1992, Highly Collectable Records)
  • Dropdead/Crossed Out - split 5" (1993, Co-released by 5 Labels)
  • Self Titled LP/CD (1993, Selfless)
  • Discography 1991-1993 (1994, Armageddon)++
  • Hostile 7" (1996, Spiral Objective/Insurgence)
  • Drop on the Bootleg 3" CD (1997, Profane Existence Far East)
  • Untitled Album LP/CD (1998, Armageddon Label)
  • Dropdead/Totalitär - split 7" or CD-EP (2002, Prank)
  • Dropdead/Unholy Grave - split 7" (2003, MCR)
  • Untitled Live album (Live in Germany 1998) (2003, Red C)
  • Dropdead/Look Back and Laugh - split 7" (2004, Armageddon)
  • Converge / Dropdead - split 7" (2011, self-released)


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