Dropsie Avenue

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Dropsie Avenue
Date 1995
Series The Contract with God Trilogy
Creative team
Creator Will Eisner
Preceded by A Life Force (1988)

Dropsie Avenue is a 1995 graphic novel by American cartoonist Will Eisner. After A Contract with God (1978) and A Life Force (1988), it is the third volume in the Contract with God trilogy.


There is overaching plot but no clear single arc. In the form of chronicles, each chronic only last few pages. The chronicles tells about life, problems, and solutions about inter-ethnic relations of residents of Dropsie Anvenue. Common plot is 'old' residents bemoan the arrival of 'newer' residents and frictions caused by it.


Kitchen Sink Press published the book in 1995 as the third volume of the Contract with God trilogy. DC Comics bought the rights to reprint the book and Eisner's other works in 1999 and reprinted Dropsie Avenue as part of its Will Eisner Library in 2000. W. W. Norton then acquired Eisner's catalogue and released A Contract with God, A Life Force, and Dropsie Avenue in a single-volume edition in 2006, and in 2007 released the three books in standalone editions.[1]


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