Drosophila melanogaster species subgroup

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Drosophila melanogangster species subgroup
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Diptera
Family: Drosophilidae
Genus: Drosophila
Subgenus: Sophophora
Species group: melanogaster group

The Drosophila melanogaster species subgroup contains 9 species, including the best known species Drosophila melanogaster and D. simulans. The subgroup belongs to the Drosophila melanogaster species group within the subgenus Sophophora.


 D. (S.) melanogaster

 D. (S.) simulans

 D. (S.) mauritiana

 D. (S.) sechellia

 D. (S.) yakuba

 D. (S.) santomea

 D. (S.) teissieri

 D. (S.) orena

 D. (S.) erecta

melanogaster complex

simulans complex

yakuba complex

  • D. (S.) yakuba Burla, 1954
  • D. (S.) santomea Lachaise and Harry, 2000
  • D. (S.) teissieri Tsacas, 1971

erecta complex

  • D. (S.) erecta Tsacas and Lachaise, 1974
  • D. (S.) orena Tsacas and David, 1978

The species of the simulans complex form a hard polytomy. Most likely, the island species D. (S.) mauritiana (Mauritius) and D. (S.) sechellia (Seychelles) branched off from the mainland species D. (S.) simulans in such a narrow time frame that it is impossible to distinguish which species branched off first and which second.


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