Drowning with Land in Sight

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Drowning With Land In Sight
Studio album by The 77s
Released 1994
Recorded Mom's Sewing Room
Paradise Studio
Genre Rock
Length 55:07
Label Myrrh Records
Producer The 77s
The 77s chronology
Pray Naked
(1992)Pray Naked1992
Drowning With Land In Sight
Tom Tom Blues
(1995)Tom Tom Blues1995
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 2/5 stars [1]

Drowning With Land In Sight is the title of The 77s' seventh album, released in 1994 on the Myrrh Records label. The music, their heaviest up to that point, ranged from the opening note-for-note Led Zeppelin cover to the straightforward Rolling Stones homage "Cold Cold Night" to Roy Orbison-influenced ballads "Film at 11", "The Jig Is Up," and "Alone Together." The lyrics primarily reflected the stress of singer Michael Roe's divorce, except for "Dave's Blues," about guitarist David Leonhardt's illness with cancer. At the record label's insistence, the final track was written and added to provide a more upbeat conclusion. Also, a vulgarity in "Dave's Blues" was backward masked into unintelligibility.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Nobody's Fault but Mine"
  2. "Snowblind"
  3. "Snake"
  4. "Indian Winter"
  5. "Film At 11"
  6. "Mezzo"
  7. "Cold Cold Night"
  8. "Dave's Blues"
  9. "Sounds O' Autumn"
  10. "The Jig Is Up"
  11. "Alone Together"
  12. "For Crying Out Loud"

The band[edit]

Production notes[edit]