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Andrew Philip DeCaro (born September 1, 1983), better known by his stage name Dru Decaro, is an American musician, singer/songwriter and producer.[1] He is best known as the lead guitarist for Grammy-winning RnB artist Miguel and has also performed with Snoop Dogg, Will.I.Am, John Legend, Ice Cube, Faith Hill, Lil Jon, Jojo, and Andy Grammer.

Early life[edit]

DeCaro was born to Jeffrey and Teresa DeCaro in Washington, D.C. and at age 3 moved to Baltimore, MD. At age 10, Dru’s uncle left an old guitar at their home while in the midst of moving. Curious, Dru convinced his uncle to let him keep the guitar, and he took to it immediately. Assembling kids from the neighborhood, Dru formed a band and immediately began writing songs and rehearsing in a friend’s basement.

At 15, while working at a local pub, Dru met an older drummer and was thrust into Baltimore’s Rock 'n' Roll and heavy metal scene. The resulting band, called Ex-Rate, was heavily influenced by the metal bands of the early 2000s (Deftones, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down) and aggressive east coast hip hop (Wu-Tang Clan, Gravediggaz) [ref. YM mag], played countless shows around the Mid-Atlantic, sharing the bill with then-regional acts The Strokes, Good Charlotte and Pissing Razors, and recording an EP at the famous Omega Studios. The band would often have to sneak young Dru into the back doors of bars and clubs where they played, but as he was the principal songwriter and somewhat of a secret weapon, it quickly became routine. Dru was expelled from high school on arson and reckless endangerment charges [ref.] and sought refuge in music and the band. But shortly thereafter they would break up, some of the relationships having soured over addiction, distance and diverging tastes.

Still in contact with the bassist, Matt ‘Boyitz’ Long, Dru called on him again when forming his next band. ‘To A Science’ was a 4-piece, progressive rock band in the early 2000s. Still a teenager, Dru remained principal songwriter and de facto leader of the band as they performed around the region and recorded their only EP, ‘Why Stop Now’. [ref. Towson towerlight]


At the age of 20, Dru moved to Los Angeles, CA where he enrolled in Cal State University, Northridge and studied Jazz guitar [1]. He landed a job bartending at the world-famous Viper Room on the Sunset Strip and soon after began booking shows and performing weekly there. It was on the Viper Room’s tiny stage that Dru first played with Erykah Badu at an impromptu jam session, and ultimately set him off on a course of RnB, soul and urban music. Soon he met DJ Skee, and becoming Skee’s house guitarist, began playing, recording and producing for Snoop Dogg, Game, Ice Cube and others. Soon Dru was leading a 10-piece band and hosting a weekly jam at nearby House Of Blues, Sunset Strip, and did so for 2 years until he started touring heavily.

Background information[edit]

Genres: R&B, neo soul, rock, hip hop, funk, jazz
Occupations: Musician, songwriter, producer
Instruments: Guitar, vocals, keyboards
Associated Acts: Miguel, Elle Varner, Chrisette Michele, Monomaniac, Smashtronauts
Website: www.drudecaro.com
Fan Page: www.drudrudru.com

Notable instruments[edit]

  • PRS 305 (Snow White)
  • Fender Stratocaster
  • PRS 513 Dru Decaro custom (Tigerlily)


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