Drugovo Municipality

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Drugovo Municipality

Општина Другово
Former Municipality
Flag of Drugovo Municipality
Official logo of Drugovo Municipality
Coat of arms
Location of Drugovo Municipality
CountryNorth Macedonia
regionSouthwestern Statistical Region
Municipal seatDrugovo
 • Total3,249
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
Split fromKičevo Municipality in 1996
Merged intoKičevo Municipality in 2013

Drugovo (Macedonian: About this soundДругово ) is a former municipality in western North Macedonia, created in the 1996 territorial organisation and dissolved following the 2013 Macedonian new territorial organisation, after it was merged with Kičevo Municipality.[1]

  • Drugovo is also the name of the village where the municipal seat was found.


The municipality bordered


According to the last national census from 2002, Drugovo Municipality has 3,249 inhabitants.[2]

  • Ethnic groups in the municipality include:
    • Macedonians = 2,784 (85.7%)
    • Turks = 292 (9.0%)
    • Albanians = 155 (4.8%)
    • others = 18 (0.6%)

The total number of students in the municipality in 2011, in comparison to the total number of students in 2007, declined for about 30%. Drugovo is the third municipality in North Macedonia by the decline of the total number of students.[3]

Inhabited places[edit]

Settlements in the municipality include

  • Belica, Brzhdani, Vidrani, Grand Crsko,
  • Upper Dushegubica, Dobrenoec Upper,
  • Lower Dushegubica, Lower Dobrenoec,
  • Drugovo, Ehloec, Ivanchishta, Source,
  • Javorec, Judovo, Kladnik, Klenoec, Kozica,
  • Lavchani, Malkoec, Malo Crsko,
  • Monastery Dolenci, Podvis, Popoec, Popolzhani,
  • Prostranje, Svinjishte, Srbjani and Cer.


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Coordinates: 41°29′N 20°55′E / 41.48°N 20.91°E / 41.48; 20.91