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Industry Healthcare
Founded September 2001
Website Drugs.com

Drugs.com is an online pharmaceutical encyclopedia which provides drug information for consumers and healthcare professionals primarily in the USA.


The domain Drugs.com was originally registered by Bonnie Neubeck in 1994.[1] In 1999 at the height of the dotcom boom, Eric MacIver purchased an option to buy the domain from Neubeck.[2] In August 1999, MacIver sold the domain at auction for US$823,666 to Venture Frogs, a startup incubator run by Tony Hsieh and Alfred Lin, best known for their involvement in LinkExchange and later Zappos.com.[3] Venture Frogs sold the drugs.com domain name to a private investor in June 2001, allowing Hsieh & Lin to focus on Zappos.com.[4]

The Drugs.com website is owned and operated by the Drugsite Trust. The Drugsite Trust is a privately held Trust administered by two New Zealand pharmacists. The Drugs.com website is hosted in a data center located in Virginia, USA.[5]


The Drugs.com website was officially launched in September 2001.[6] The site contains a library of reference information which includes content from Cerner Multum, Micromedex from Truven Health Analytics, Wolters Kluwer Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Physicians' Desk Reference, A.D.A.M., Stedmans, AHFS, Harvard Health Publications, North American Compendiums, PharmaLive, & Healthday.[7]

In March 2008, Drugs.com announced the release of Mednotes [8]—an online personal medication record application which connected to Google Health (On June 24, 2011 Google announced it was retiring Google Health in January 1, 2012[9]).

In May 2010, U.S. FDA announced a collaboration with Drugs.com to distribute consumer health updates on the Drugs.com website and mobile platform.[10]

In December 2012, comScore stated that Drugs.com was the ninth most popular health network receiving approximately 8.2 million unique visitors for the month, while Quantcast listed Drugs.com with a rank of 217 for all US websites.[11]

Drugs.com is certified by the TRUSTe online privacy certification program[12] and the HONcode Health on the Net Foundation.[13]


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