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Druhyus (Sanskrit: द्रुह्यु) were a tribe of Vedic Aryans in Ancient India. They are mentioned in the Rigveda,[1] often together with the Anu tribe. Some early scholars have placed them in the northwestern region.[2]

The Indian epics and Puranas locate Druhyus in the North western part of the Indian subcontinent. Puranic lore contain accounts of a large scale migration of Drhyus from Punjab into central Asia. Druhyu king Angara is said to have been driven out of Punjab by King Mandhatri of the Ikshvaku dynasty.[3] F. E. Pargiter theorises that the next Druhyu king Gandhara named the north-western state Gandhāra after himself. Puranas do not refer to Druhyus after the King Pracetas whose 100 sons settled in the region north of Afghanistan (udīcya) and became Mlecchas.[4](Bhagavata 9.23.15–16; Visnu 4.17.5; Vayu 99.11–12; Brahmanda 3.74.11–12 and Matsya 48.9.). Vishnu Purana also lists Aratta and Setu as areas where Druhyus settled.(Vishnu Purana IV.17)


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