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The "Druid's Prayer" (Welsh: Gweddi'r Derwydd) or "Gorsedd Prayer" (Gweddi'r Orsedd) is a prayer composed by Iolo Morganwg which is still a staple in the ritual of both gorseddau and Neo-Druidism. Neo-Druids sometimes substitute the words y Dduwies ("the Goddess") for the original Duw ("God").

Versions in Barddas[edit]

In the volume Barddas by Iolo Morganwg (edited and compiled by Reverend John Williams ab Ithel), there are six versions of the Gorsedd Prayer, both in Iolo's original Welsh and in English translation (the word gwynvyd, roughly corresponding to "heaven" is left untranslated).

Version One[edit]

Version Two[edit]

Version Three[edit]

The below version is that usually adopted by various druidic groups, notably the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD) albeit in a different fashion.


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