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Drum Corps Associates
DCA LOGO 2008.png
Drum Corps Associates logo
Type Drum and Bugle Corps
Location  United States
Founded 1964
(first championship in 1965)
No. of corps 21
Current champions Open Class: Cadets2
Class A: Cincinnati Tradition
Website http://www.dcacorps.org

Drum Corps Associates (DCA) is the non-profit governing body for modern senior, or all-age, drum and bugle corps in North America. It is the counterpart of Drum Corps International (DCI) which governs junior drum corps. It sanctions competitions during the summer season, certifies the judges for its competitions, maintains and enforces the rules of the DCA activity, and conducts its annual championship during the Labor Day weekend. The organization is headquartered in South Orange, New Jersey. The current president is Allen Buell.[1]


Source: [2][3]

DCA was formed in 1964 by several senior corps from the Northeastern United States that were seeking to establish a more formal competition format than the then-current haphazard collection of unrelated contests. The organization sponsored its first show that season with the New York Skyliners, Reading Buccaneers, Yankee Rebels, Interstatesmen, and Pittsburgh Rockets competing in Waverly, New York. The following year, the circuit sponsored contests on 11 Saturdays, beginning in June and ending with the 1st DCA Championship in Milford, Connecticut on September 11. The initial championship was attended by the five corps that had appeared in the first DCA show in 1964 and the Connecticut Hurricanes and was won by the Reading Buccaneers, the first of that corps record 13 titles.

In 1966, the championship grew to 10 corps and included its first Canadian corps. Through the years, many corps have participated, some frequently, some only once or a few times before disappearing from the scene in the ever-changing lineup of active corps. From 1968 through the present day, every championship but one has been attended by at least fourteen corps, with a high of 26 in 2005. Although the majority of corps have come from the Northeast U.S., a number of Canadian corps have competed and gained DCA membership. Corps from the Midwest have been attending since 1970, and in recent years, there has been an influx of corps from the South. DCA has had member corps from Colorado and California, and corps from Great Britain and Germany have come to the U.S. to compete. Kidsgrove Scouts from Staffordshire, UK have become somewhat of a fans favourite, partly out of gratitude for their frequent attendance despite the huge financial commitment required, but also for regularly performing crowd pleasing shows.

In 1997, DCA introduced Class A for smaller corps (generally, fewer than 50 members). In 2001, a championship was begun for the even smaller minicorps; with some units being corps in and of themselves, while others are subsets of larger corps.

Originally, the corps in DCA were referred to as "senior corps." This was in contrast to the "junior corps" of DCI, which have an "age-out" limit of 22 years of age, while some DCA corps have had members marching into their seventies and eighties. In recent years, the term "all-age corps" has come into use, as corps no longer honor the DCI "age-out" as a lower limit, allowing teenagers to march alongside their elders. This has seen some corps march members of two or three generations of the same family at the same time.

DCA Champions[edit]

Source: [3]

Year Location Open Class Class A Mini Corps
1965 Milford, CT Reading Buccaneers N/A N/A
1966 Bridgeport, CT New York Skyliners N/A N/A
1967 Bridgeport, CT Connecticut Hurricanes N/A N/A
1968 Rochester, NY Reading Buccaneers (2) N/A N/A
1969 Rochester, NY Connecticut Hurricanes(2) N/A N/A
1970 Rochester, NY Hawthorne Caballeros N/A N/A
1971 Rochester, NY New York Skyliners(2) N/A N/A
1972 Jersey City, NJ Hawthorne Caballeros(2) N/A N/A
1973 Rochester, NY Hawthorne Caballeros (3) N/A N/A
1974 Rochester, NY Hawthorne Caballeros (4) N/A N/A
1975 Rochester, NY New York Skyliners (3) N/A N/A
1976 Rochester, NY Hawthorne Caballeros (5) N/A N/A
1977 Allentown, PA Sunrisers N/A N/A
1978 Allentown, PA Sunrisers (2) N/A N/A
1979 Hershey, PA Reading Buccaneers (3) N/A N/A
1980 Hershey, PA Reading Buccaneers (4) N/A N/A
1981 Philadelphia, PA Connecticut Hurricanes (3) N/A N/A
1982 Allentown, PA Sunrisers (3) N/A N/A
1983 Allentown, PA Sunrisers (4) N/A N/A
1984 Allentown, PA Hawthorne Caballeros (6) N/A N/A
1985 Allentown, PA Hawthorne Caballeros (7) N/A N/A
1986 Allentown, PA Bushwackers N/A N/A
1987 Allentown, PA Sunrisers (5) N/A N/A
1988 Hershey, PA Bushwackers (2)
Sunrisers (6)
1989 Allentown, PA Bushwackers (3) N/A N/A
1990 Allentown, PA Bushwackers(4) N/A N/A
1991 Scranton, PA Empire Statesmen N/A N/A
1992 Scranton, PA Bushwackers(5) N/A N/A
1993 Scranton, PA Bushwackers(6) N/A N/A
1994 Scranton, PA Empire Statesmen(2) N/A N/A
1995 Scranton, PA Hawthorne Caballeros (8) N/A N/A
1996 Rochester, NY Westshoremen N/A N/A
1997 Allentown, PA Empire Statesmen (3)
Syracuse Brigadiers
Chieftains N/A
1998 Allentown, PA Empire Statesmen (4) Tie Generations & Heat Wave N/A
1999 Allentown, PA Syracuse Brigadiers(2) Skyliners N/A
2000 Syracuse, NY Syracuse Brigadiers(3) Generations(2) Ghost Riders
2001 Syracuse, NY Syracuse Brigadiers(4) CorpsVets Renegades Minicorps
2002 Scranton, PA Syracuse Brigadiers(5) Skyliners(2) Erie Thunderbirds
2003 Scranton, PA Hawthorne Caballeros(9) Heat Wave(2) Renegades Minicorps (2)
2004 Scranton, PA Empire Statesmen(5) Kingston Grenadiers Golden Eagles MiniCorps
2005 Scranton, PA Reading Buccaneers(5) Chops, Inc. N/A
2006 Rochester, NY Reading Buccaneers(6) Govenaires Star United
2007 Rochester, NY Reading Buccaneers(7) Sunrisers Star United(2)
2008 Rochester, NY Reading Buccaneers(8) Alliance Star United(3)
2009 Rochester, NY Reading Buccaneers(9) Govenaires(2) Star United(4)
2010 Rochester, NY Reading Buccaneers(10) Fusion Core Star United(5)
2011 Rochester, NY Minnesota Brass Govenaires (3) Star United(6)
2012 Annapolis, MD Reading Buccaneers(11) Carolina Gold Star United (7)
2013 Annapolis, MD Reading Buccaneers (12) White Sabers Ghost Riders (USA)
2014 Rochester, NY Reading Buccaneers (13) White Sabers(2) Star United(8)
2015 Rochester, NY Reading Buccaneers (14) Govenaires (4) Star United (9)
2016 Rochester, NY Cadets2 Cincinnati Tradition Star United(10)
2017 Rochester, NY - - -
2018 Williamsport, PA - - -
2019 Williamsport, PA - - -
  • NOTE 1 = The New York Skyliners that won the Open Class championship in 1966, '71 & '75 and the Skyliners that won the Class A title in 1999 & 2002 are the same organization.
  • NOTE 2 = The Sunrisers that won the Open Class championship six times is the same organization that won the Class A title in 2007.

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