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Drum Corps Europe is the international organization that regulates the European drum corps activity. Akin to its American counterpart and predecessor Drum Corps International, every year, Drum Corps Europe organizes its European Drum Corps Championships, with corps from the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, and other countries. The 2015 Championships were held on September 26 in the Parkstad Limburg Stadion, Kerkrade, Netherlands. The 2015 champions are Kidsgrove Scouts in Premier Class and Johan Friso in Junior Class.[1] The 2016 champions are The Company in Premier Class and Jong Jubal in Junior Class.[2]

The drum corps activity in Europe does not have as large a following or as many competing corps as that in North America, but for the job of organizing competitions across multiple nations, Drum Corps Europe performs its duties effectively. In 2006, they announced that they would closely cooperate with other drum corps organisations in Europe, from the Netherlands, France, Germany and the United kingdom. One of the organization's primary aims was to develop one European judging manual and a unified judges training system. In addition to hosting competitions with European corps, DCE has welcomed the occasional American corps to perform at European competitions, most recently the Blue Devils International Corps in 2015.[3]


Corps competing in DCE and its affiliated European Music Games League circuits, 2015:[4]

Premier Class[edit]

  • 37th Kingswood Scouts / Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Beeches / Great Barr, United Kingdom
  • Besana Secutores / Besana in Brianza, Italy & Mosson / Caltrano, Vicenza, Italy (Merged 2015, performed as Mosson Secutores)
  • Black Knights / Gravesend, United Kingdom (Inactive in 2015)
  • Blue Diamonds / Nienhagen, Germany
  • Cadence / Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom
  • Celtic Crusaders / Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland
  • Clondalkin Youth Band / Clondalkin, County Dublin, Ireland
  • Clonmel Bluehawks / Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland
  • Comets / Coseley, United Kingdom
  • The Company / Barnsley, United Kingdom
  • Con Spirito / Joure, Netherlands
  • East Coast Elite / Cleethorpes, United Kingdom
  • Heartliner / Ludwigshafen, Germany (Inactive in 2015 after 2014 BASF explosion destroyed corps home)
  • Inbhear Mór / Arklow, Ireland
  • Jubal / Dordrecht, Netherlands (2015 DCI International Class Champion)
  • Juliana / Middelburg, Netherlands
  • Jong-Holland / Zwijndrecht, Netherlands
  • Kidsgrove Scouts / Kidsgrove, United Kingdom (2015 DCA Open Class Finalist)
  • Liberty / Northampton, United Kingdom
  • MillenniuM / Verdello, Italy
  • Nexus / Biggleswade & Bedford, United Kingdom (Inactive in 2015)
  • The Pacemakers / St. Mary Cray, United Kingdom
  • Red Stars / Hann. Munden, Germany (Inactive in 2015?)
  • Revolution Show Corps / Queensbury, United Kingdom
  • Showband Marum / Marum, Netherlands
  • Spirit of 52 / Rastede, Germany
  • Spirit Of Coventry / Coventry, United Kingdom
  • Stafford Lancers / Staffordshire, United Kingdom
  • Starriders / Bad Münder, Germany
  • The Vikings / Tallaght, Co. Dublin, Ireland
  • Wölper Löwen / Neustadt am Rübenberge, Germany

Junior Class[edit]

  • Cadence Cadets / Reading, United Kingdom
  • Cadence Juniors / Reading, United Kingdom
  • Concord All Stars / Sheffield, United Kingdom
  • Diamond Cadets / Nienhagen, Germany
  • Johan Friso / Middelburg, Netherlands
  • Jong Beatrix / Hilversum, Netherlands
  • Jong Jubal / Jong Jubal
  • Jong-Holland Junioren / Zwijndrecht, Netherlands
  • Kadoudal / Quiberon, France (Inactive in 2015)
  • Liberty Juniors / Northampton, United Kingdom
  • Tallaght Youth Band Cadets / Tallaght, Co. Dublin, Ireland
  • Thurrock Marching Brass / Thurrock, United Kingdom

Affiliated European Music Games circuits[edit]


  • Drum Corps United Kingdom (Great Britain)
  • Drum Corps Nederland (The Netherlands)
  • Irish Marching Band Association (Ireland)
  • German Open (Germany)
  • Marching Music France (France) (Defunct)

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