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Drum Corps Japan (DCJ) is the administrating organization for Drum and Bugle Corps activity in Japan. Most DCJ competitions are held indoors on a floor with far different markings from those used in DCI, DCA, and most western drum corps competitions. The main exception to this is the Tokyo Open which is held outdoors, in a Baseball stadium.

Competition Scoring[edit]

Competition scoring in the DCJ circuit is divided into three categories: music, visual, and effect. Each of these categories is further broken into two sections.

Music scores are divided into a brass caption score and a percussion caption score and reflect the level of musical execution by corps members. The two scores are added together to give the corps' overall music score.

Visual scores are divided into a color guard caption score and a performance score and reflect the level of movement execution by corps members. The totals in these two categories are similarly added together for a corps' overall visual score.

Effect scores reflect the overall impact of the show, both musically and visually. Both musical effect and visual effect scores are made up of a repertoire score and a show score. Musical effect and visual effect are scored separately, then added together to produce the corps' overall effect score.

Finally, the effect, music, and visual scores are added together and any penalties are deducted from this total. The resulting number is the corps' final score for that event.

Member Corps[edit]

As of the 2017 season, DCJ's active member corps include the following organizations from the following locations:[1]

  • SENDAI Verdures, Fukushima
  • Yokohama INSPIRES, Kanagawa
  • Yokohama INSPIRES Alumni, Kanagawa
  • White Galaxy, Kanagawa
  • Kamakura Women's University Secondary/High School Marching Band, Kanagawa
  • White Shooting Stars (Kanagawa Prefectural Shonanidai High School Wind Instrument Division), Kanagawa
  • JOKERS, Kyoto
  • Legend of ANGELS, Osaka
  • GENESIS, Saitama
  • SONIC LANCERS, Saitama
  • Lifeguard II, Shizuoka
  • Pride of SOKA, Tokyo
  • Tokyo Phoenix, Tokyo

Previously active organizations include:

  • Maximum
  • Kosei Refinado
  • SOKA Renaissance Vanguard
  • Cherry Blossoms
  • G-Pulsation

Tokyo Open[edit]

The 2008 Tokyo Open was held on the second of November and featured the Yokohama Inspires, The Yokohama Scouts, Pride of SOKA, Tokyo Phoenix, Cherry Blossoms, and Sonic Lancers.

The 2007 Tokyo Open was held on 21 October.

1 - Yokohama Inspires - 72.0
2 - Yokohama Scouts - 71.8
3 - Tokyo Phoenix - 69.3
4 - Phoenix Regiment - 65.4
5 - Cherry Blossoms - 61.5
6 - Sonic Lancers - 59.4

The 2006 Tokyo Open was held on 8 October.

1 - Yokohama Inspires - 62.6
2 - Tokyo Phoenix - 60.0
3 - Imperial Sound - 58.6
4 - Phoenix Regiment - 57.4
5 - Cherry Blossoms - 53.8
6 - Sonic Lancers - 51.6


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