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Drum handler is a mechanical equipment that is used to handle and transport cylindrical module such as steel drums, barrels, plastic drums and fiber drums. It has spring-loaded metal arms for a tight and secure grip. This equipment is commonly used in chemical and petroleum industries, as well as industries that require shipping and storing cylindrical modules.


The drum handler is usually used for handling standard size 55-gallon drum container. However there are models that can handle smaller and bigger capacity drums. This equipment can be used to lift, stack, move, weigh, pour and rack drums and barrels. Drum handlers are usually made of heavy duty metals with smooth coating.


There are different types of Drum Handlers available in today's market; forklift attachment, mobile drum handler, below-hook drum handler and drum rotator.

Forklift Attachment is a type of drum handler that is designed to easily slide into a forklift truck. This type of drum handler is used to efficiently and safely load and unload different sizes and types of drums. Once inserted into forklift trucks, operators can easily clamp, lift and transport drums anywhere. Forklift drum handlers are available in different models such as forklift mounted, carrier with tilt function, carrier without tilt function, waist type, rim type and multi-drum carrier.

Mobile Drum Handler is a stand alone type of drum handler. Unlike the forklift attachments, mobile drum handlers have built in wheels so you can easily maneuver it anywhere. This type of drum handlers is made with stainless steel and also has a wide heavy duty jaw that can grip the top rim of standard drums. There are two types of mobile drum handler; manual and hydraulic powered. Drum dollies, palletizer, vertical lift pourer and spotter are good examples of mobile drum handler.

Below-hook drum handler is commonly used to lift, tilt and pour drums. It is made with premium grade stainless steel and features hydraulic powered lifting mechanism with chain puller. It features a grip which holds the drum below the third ribbing or underneath. It also has lifting eyes or fork packets for added support. Examples of below-hook drum handler are drum pourers and drum lift carriers.

Drum rotator is used to invert and rotate drums as well as transfer contents from one container to another. This type of drum handler features ring gear and rotator that can either be electric powered or hydraulic powered. Examples of drum rotators are tumblers, drum rollers, portable rollers and stationary drum rollers.