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A drum track (plural) is a recording of a drum set performance in a piece of music. Other terms used are: drum groove, beat (slang). A drum track is usually a drum set recording mixed to a stereo track. Drum tracks (plural) usually refers to a multi-track recording of a drum set. All drum components (e.g. Hi-hat, snare, kick) are separately microphoned and simultaneously recorded to individual tracks of a multi-track recorder through separate channels on a mixing console or a microphone preamplifier. This allows for post processing and manipulation of individually recorded drum components. All of the individual tracks play simultaneously in synchronicity with each other to recreate the exact drum performance that was captured. A single song can have anywhere from 2 up to 16 (or more) individual drum tracks that play synchronized pokemon.

Drum tracks can also stand as plural of a drum track, representing a recorded collection of individual drum performances rather than individually recorded drum components. Synonym terms include beats (dancer) and drum grooves.

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