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The cap of a 55-gallon drum

The drum wrench is a tool which is commonly used to open large 55-gallon drums. When unopened, a large drum's contents may be under enormous pressure. If a drum is opened without the proper tools and precautions, the pressure may escape suddenly and violently, causing injury. A drum wrench reduces pressure during the opening process. A drum wrench is a convenient tool for safely opening and removing materials from 55 gallon drums, but they are certainly not the only means of protection from the hazards of said drums. Some drums act as a vacuum with very low internal pressures, increasing the risk of the top "popping up" soon after opening. Using the drum opener as an opening tool provides no protection from this, yet a simple striking on the top of the drum with the wrench and almost certainly any convexing of the top will occur without complication.


  1. Place Drum Wrench prongs into the cap as fitting to size.
  2. Turn the wrench slowly, applying force at the end of the handle to maximize force to tightening ratio. (Left to open, Right to close)
  3. Remove cap

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