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Origin Akron, Ohio, United States
Genres Indie rock
Years active 2009
Labels Audio Eagle Records
Associated acts The Black Keys, The Six Parts Seven, Houseguest, Beaten Awake, Teeth of the Hydra, Ghostman & Sandman, Party of Helicopters, Harriet the Spy
Members Patrick Carney
Jamie Stillman
Stephen Clements
John Finley
Greg Boyd

Drummer is an indie rock band from Akron, Ohio. The band was founded by The Black Keys' drummer Patrick Carney who plays bass guitar. All the members of the band are drummers in other groups from Ohio.[1]


In February 2009, Carney created the group with Jamie Stillman, the drummer from Teeth of the Hydra after Carney's fellow Black Keys member Dan Auerbach was on tour for his debut solo album, Keep It Hid. Stillman had wanted the band to have a happy, upbeat vibe and suggested Jon Finley from Party of Helicopters and Beaten Awake to sing and play guitar. Steven Clements from Houseguest joined, playing keyboard and also providing back-up vocals. Soon, the band found Greg Boyd of Ghostman & Sandman to play drums. The band recorded their first album in Carney's hometown of Akron, Ohio, with sound engineer Ben Vehorn, notable for his work in bands Love as Laughter and Houseguest.[2]

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