Drunk Horse

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Drunk Horse
OriginOakland, California, United States
GenresStoner rock, hard rock
Years active1998–present
LabelsMan's Ruin Records, Tee Pee Records, Wantage USA
MembersCyrus Comiskey
Cripe Jergensen
Eli Eckert
Joel Robinow

Drunk Horse is a rock band from Oakland, California. Formed in 1998, the band released several albums on Man's Ruin Records before the label went out of business. The band then moved on to Tee Pee Records with 2003's Adult Situations, which was followed in 2005 by In Tongues. Drunk Horse has toured in the US and Europe. The band has played Austin, Texas' South by Southwest Festival several times.



  • Cyrus Comiskey
  • Cripe Jergensen
  • Eli Eckert
  • Joel Robinow


  • John Niles
  • Isaiah Mitchell
  • Josh Smith




  • Bambi/Dirty Mind 7", Wantage USA
  • Unearthed Gems Vol. 2 7"
  • "Independent Type / Joint of Lamb" Split Single w/ The Feather (Delboy Records) 2004

Compilation appearances[edit]


Author Ned Vizzini's novel Be More Chill, about a guy who takes a pill called a squip that makes him cooler, was partly inspired by "AM/FM Shoes", a song from Tanning Salon/Biblical Proportions. He writes that "'AM/FM Shoes' is about a guy who feels like a loser, except he has special shoes that play the radio, and when he puts them on, he becomes the coolest guy around."[1]


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