Drusilla Beyfus

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Drusilla Beyfus
Born 1927
Hampstead, London, UK
Residence London, U.K.
Occupation Etiquette writer
Spouse(s) Milton Shulman
Children Jason Shulman
Alexandra Shulman
Nicola Shulman
Parent(s) Norman Beyfus and Florence Noel Barker[1]

Drusilla Norman Beyfus (born 1927)[2] is a British etiquette writer.[3] She was married to the journalist and critic Milton Shulman.[4]

Publications (selected)[edit]

  • 1968: The English Marriage: what it is like to be married today
  • 1969: Lady Behave: a guide to modern manners for the 1970s (with Anne Edwards)
  • 1985: The Bride's Book
  • 1992: Courtship - The Done Thing: modern manners in miniature
  • 1992: Modern Manners: the essential guide to living in the '90s
  • 1992: Parties - The Done Thing: modern manners in miniature
  • 1993: Business: the Done Thing
  • 1993: Sex: the Done Thing
  • 1994: Modern Manners: the complete guide to contemporary etiquette


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