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Druva Inc
Privately funded
Industry Backup & Recovery
Founded 2008
Founders Jaspreet Singh, Co-founder and CEO, Milind Borate, Co-founder and CTO, Ramani Kothandaraman, Co-founder and Managing Director, India
Headquarters Sunnyvale, California
Number of locations
Products Druva Insync Druva Phoenix
Number of employees
Website www.druva.com

Druva is a converged data protection solution provider offering datacenter-class availability and governance to the mobile workforce. The company is privately held and is backed by Nexus Venture Partners, Sequoia Capital, and Tenaya Capital. Druva was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, with additional offices in India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, Japan, and Australia.[1] Druva was included in Gartner's "cool vendors" list in 2012[2] and also rated #1 in their report Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup in 2012,[3] 2013[4] and 2015.[5] The company provides data protection, and governance services to over 3,000 mid- to large-enterprise customers across a wide range of industries that includes technology, manufacturing, healthcare, education, government, retail, and financial services.[6] They currently have two Druva assigned patents for "distributed scalable deduplicated data backup system"[7] and "efficient deduplicated storage with tiered indexing."[8]

Executive Team[edit]

  • Jaspreet Singh - Founder and CEO
  • Milind Borate - Co-Founder and CTO
  • Peter Amirkhan - Chief Revenue Officer
  • Mahesh Patel - Chief Financial Officer
  • Wynn White - Chief Marketing Officer
  • Teresa Swart - Chief of Staff
  • Sunil Wadhwa - VP, Customer Success and Operations
  • Rick Powles - Regional VP, EMEA
  • Pete Yamasaki - Regional VP, APAC
  • Dave Packer - VP, Product Marketing
  • Scott Siragusa - VP, Global Business Development and Channels

Funding Timeline[edit]

2010 - $5M Series A

Druva raised $5M in Series A investments from Sequoia Capital India and IAN in March 2010.[9]

2011 - $12M Series B

A further $12M was raised in Series B investments from Sequoia and Nexus in August 2011.[10]

2013 - $25M Series C

In October 2013, Druva received $25 million Series C investment from Sequoia Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, and Tenaya Capital.[11]

2014 - $25M Series D

In August 2014, Druva received a $25 million Series D investment from Sequoia Capital, Nexus Venture Partners, and Tenaya Capital.[12][13] Total funding as of January 2015 is $67 million.

2016 - Undisclosed Equity

In April 2016, Druva received another strategic investment funding from NTT Finance. The amount is yet to be public by any of the sources.


Druva inSync[edit]

Druva inSync is a highly scalable solution for the mobile workforce and converges data availability (backup, restore, and share) and data governance (DLP, eDiscovery enablement, tamper-proof audit trails, and compliance management via full text search and alerts)[14] into a single platform across end-user information on endpoints and cloud applications.[15] Druva inSync offers both on-premises and Cloud options with the vast majority of all new businesses deployed in the cloud.[16] inSync added private cloud capabilities in 2013, adding scalability and flexibility for large enterprises.[17]

Druva has been aiming to go beyond simple backup by offering an integrated end user data protection and management solution. The company was early to market with a unified platform for endpoint backup, sync and share, mobile support, and data loss prevention (DLP). It has since added more compliance and governance and analytics capabilities, as well as backup capabilities for cloud file sync and share applications.[18] Druva supports AWS (Amazon) and Azure (Microsoft) global data centers as backup storage destinations to expand its global presence and to meet regional data residency laws and regulations.[19]

Timeline of major releases[20]

  • 2008 - inSync 1.0
  • 2009 - Complete PC backup
  • 2011 - Support for iOS, Data loss Prevention, Data analytics
  • 2012 - Integrated backups, IT-managed file sharing
  • 2013 - Private cloud deployment option, data protection & governance platform
  • 2014 - Distributed cloud file system, Governance for eDiscovery enablement
  • 2015 - Data privacy framework, cloud application connectivity, proactive compliance, mobile forensics for Android, support for Azure global data centers.

Druva Phoenix[edit]

Druva Phoenix is a cloud-based solution for data backup and restore needs of distributed servers. Phoenix leverages upon the reliability of the Amazon Web Services infrastructure to ensure elastic scalability and tight security for server data needs.[21] Phoenix uses the same underlying cloud architecture as inSync but is optimized for server data sets and supports both physical and virtual server environments. Druva Phoenix has application-specific agents for server workloads such as Microsoft SQL Server and provides a proxy-based solution for VMware VSphere, additional agents are expected in the next release.[22]

On February 2, 2016,[23] Druva announced Disaster Recovery (DR) functionality to extend its converged cloud-based data protection solution for Druva Phoenix. Phoenix’s DR capability enables organizations to continuously back up their VMware environments, and automatically recover and spin-up their virtual machines in the AWS public cloud when disaster strikes, ensuring business continuity and eliminating the need for additional dedicated on premises software, storage or hardware, significantly reducing cost and improving agility.[24]

Timeline of major releases

  • 2014 - Phoenix 1.0[25]
  • 2015 - VMware VSphere & SQL servers,[26] support for AWS GovCloud[27]
  • 2016 - DRaaS for VMware environments[28]

Awards and Honors[edit]

  • Highest Overall Product Score- Gartner Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Endpoint Backup Report 2015,[29] 2013[30] & 2012[31]
  • Best for Compliance 2016 - Info Security Products Guide[32]
  • Product of the Year: Data Backup & Recovery Software - Storage Magazine[33]
  • Most Innovative Enterprise Product of the Year - Best in Biz[34]
  • Best for Governance, Risk & Compliance Innovations 2015 - The Golden Bridge Awards[35]
  • Enterprise Product of the Year (Software) 2015 - Best in Biz[36]
  • Best Cloud Storage & Backup Solution 2015 - CODiE[37]

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