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Drwinka is located in Poland
Country Poland
Physical characteristics
Main source in Niepołomice, Lesser Poland Voivodeship
River mouth near Świniary, Lesser Poland Voivodeship
177,9 m (584 ft)[1] AMSL
50°08′01″N 20°29′37″E / 50.13361°N 20.49361°E / 50.13361; 20.49361
Length 31,05 km (19 mi)[2]

Drwinka is a river, the right bank tributary of the Vistula[3] with a length of 31.05 km (19 mi)[2].

Drwinka flows in the Wieliczka and Bochnia Counties of Lesser Poland Voivodeship from sources near Niepołomice to the mouth in Świniary, 133.5 km (83 km) into the Vistula River. Among its tributaries are streams and ditches from Niepołomice Forest, Wilczy Forest and from near Gawłówek.

The southeastern part of its catchment basin is situated in the sandy area of the Vistula valley, filled mainly with quaternary river sediments covered with loess and sandstones of a dozen or so feet. Here the river passes through the Niepołomice Forest, dividing it into two different flora complexes.

The overall quality assessment of the Drwinka river waters at its estuary in physico-chemical, hydrobiological and bacteriological terms corresponds to Class I or Class II standards[4]. Water in Drwinka does not show signs of eutrophication[4].

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Coordinates: 50°08′01″N 20°29′38″E / 50.133554°N 20.493850°E / 50.133554; 20.493850