Dry Harbour Mountains

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The Dry Harbour Mountains are a range of mountains in north central Jamaica. More accurately described as a plateau than a true mountain range, they form the eastern boundary of the Cockpit Country. This is also the mountain that people used to go and pray. The Dry Harbour Mountains starts from Discovery Bay, St. Ann and covers most settlements all the way to the eastern end of the Cockpit Country. It is a mountain which abounds in limestone and bauxite. The soil type is latosol which is of red iron and aluminium oxide.

The Dry Harbour Mountains is some 2,200 feet above sea level and many areas are very cool. The area is covered in rich verdant pastures and numerous trees. In many areas the wet limestone forest is a riotous profuse of trees. Many prominent districts are part of this plateau region of Jamaica. Nine Mile, the home of Bob Marley; Alexandria; Aboukir; Clarksonville, Inverness; Tobolski; Gibraltar; Watt Town; Bethany; Murray Mountain (the marijuana centre) and McKenzie; Cascade; Battersea, the home of the famous Basil Robinson; Bohemia; Wild Cane are some of the numerous settlements in the Dry Harbour Mountains.

Aboukir is the birthplace of Harry Belafonte's mother and where Harry lived as a child.

Coordinates: 18°19′N 77°24′W / 18.317°N 77.400°W / 18.317; -77.400