Dryburgh Abbey Hotel

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Dryburgh Abbey Hotel
Dryburgh Abbey Hotel - geograph.org.uk - 762998.jpg
Dryburgh Abbey Hotel
General information
Location St Boswells near Melrose
Opening 1932
Other information
Number of rooms 38
Number of suites 2
Number of restaurants 2

Dryburgh Abbey Hotel is a baronial country house, located on the banks of the River Tweed, about 5 km south east of Melrose in the Scottish Borders. The modern house was first constructed in 1845 and it was converted into a hotel in 1932. It is next to the ruins of Dryburgh Abbey.


Country House 1845-1932[edit]

The original core of the current building was constructed in 1845. At that time it was a private residence and the home of Lady Griselle Baillie. The house was modernised in 1875 by Lord Jerviswoode, Lady Griselle’s brother, and remained in the family until 1929 when it was purchased by the Scottish Motor Traction Company.

Hotel, 1932-present[edit]

The Scottish Motor Traction Company added the east wing and launched it as a “Tourist Hotel” in 1932. The hotel changed hands several times over the intervening years.

In 2007, the hotel was taken over by a new company headed by Managing Director, John Wallace.


Coordinates: 55°34′48″N 2°38′57″W / 55.580109°N 2.649261°W / 55.580109; -2.649261