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Dryolimnas cuvieri Museum de Genève.JPG
Dryolimnas cuvieri
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Aves
Order: Gruiformes
Family: Rallidae
Subfamily: Rallinae
Genus: Dryolimnas
Sharpe, 1893

1 living, 1 recently extinct

The genus Dryolimnas comprises birds in the rail family. The Réunion rail, a member of this genus, became extinct in the 17th century. The white-throated rail of Aldabra is the last surviving flightless bird in the western Indian Ocean.[1] They are mostly found on Malabar Island, but can also be found on Polymnieli Island and other islands. An undescribed extinct taxon, sometimes mentioned as Sauzier's wood-rail, is known from Mauritius. Though much larger the skeletons of these rails show similarities to the rails of the genus Lewinia. Therefore the two genera were lumped at times.


  • White-throated rail or Cuvier's rail, Dryolimnas cuvieri
    • Aldabra white-throated rail, Dryolimnas cuvieri aldabranus
    • Assumption white-throated rail, Dryolimnas cuvieri abbotti - extinct (early 20th century)
  • Réunion rail, Dryolimnas augusti - extinct (late 17th century)


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