Dryopteris hybrid complex

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The fern genus Dryopteris is known to be one of the most freely-hybridizing of fern genera.

Parent species[edit]

Hybrid species[edit]

Other hybrids[edit]

  • Dryopteris × bootii (D. cristata × D. intermedia; triploid)
  • Dryopteris × critica (D. borreri × D. filix-mas)[1]
  • Dryopteris × complexa aggregate (D. filix-mas and D. affinis; tetraploid)[1]
  • Dryopteris × convoluta (D. cambrensis × D. filix-mas)[1]
  • Dryopteris × deweveri (D. dilatata × D. carthusiana)[1]
  • Dryopteris × neo-wherryi (D. goldiana × D. marginalis; diploid)
  • Dryopteris × triploidea (D. carthusiana × D. intermedia; triploid)


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