Du Xi

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Du Xi
General of Cao Wei
Born (Unknown)
Died (Unknown)
Traditional Chinese 杜襲
Simplified Chinese 杜袭
Pinyin Dù Xí
Wade–Giles Tu Hsi
Courtesy name Zixu (simplified Chinese: 子绪; traditional Chinese: 子緒; pinyin: Zǐxù; Wade–Giles: Tzu-hsu)
Posthumous name Marquis Ding (Chinese: 定侯; pinyin: Dìng Hóu; Wade–Giles: Ting Hou)

Du Xi (birth and death dates unknown), courtesy name Zixu, was a military general serving under the warlord Cao Cao in the late Eastern Han dynasty. He was a subordinate of Cao Cao's general Xiahou Yuan. Du Xi proposed to the troops that Zhang He take command after Xiahou Yuan was killed at the Battle of Mount Dingjun.

Appointments and titles held[edit]

  • Chief of Xi'e County (西鄂縣長)
  • Consultant and Army Advisor (議郎參軍事)
  • Libationer of the Chancellor's Army (丞相軍祭酒)
  • Palace Attendant (侍中)
  • Chief Clerk to the Chancellor (丞相長史)
  • Imperial Son-in-Law Commandant (駙馬都尉)
  • Secondary Marquis (關內侯)
  • Imperial Clerk and Inspector of Supplies (督軍糧御史)
  • Marquis of Wuping Village (武平亭侯)
  • Inspector-Judge of Supplies (督軍糧執法)
  • Master of Writing (尚書)
  • Marquis of Pingyang District (平陽鄉侯)
  • Military Advisor (軍師) to General-in-Chief Cao Zhen
  • Military Advisor (軍師) to General-in-Chief Sima Yi
  • Palace Counsellor (太中大夫)
The following two titles were granted to Du Xi posthumously
  • Minister Steward (少府)
  • Marquis Ding (定侯)

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