Duan (surname)

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Chinese character Duàn
PronunciationDuàn (Mandarin Pinyin)
Dan (Korean)
Đoàn (Vietnamese)
Language(s)Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese
Language(s)Old Chinese
Other names

(Mandarin Chinese: Duàn; Korean: Dan; Vietnamese: Đoàn) is an East Asian surname of Chinese origin that can be found in China, Vietnam and Korea.

Notable people[edit]

Mainland China[edit]

  • Duan Sui (died 386), a ruler of the Xianbei state Western Yan
  • Duan Ye (died 401), the first king of the Northern Liang of the Sixteen Kingdoms period
  • Duan Siping (893-944) , founder of the Kingdom of Dali
  • Duan Yucai (1735–1815), philologist
  • Duan Qirui (1865–1936), warlord and politician, President of the Republic of China
  • Duan Qingbo (1964–2019), archaeologist


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