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Queen consort of Egypt
Duatentopet from QV74
Spouse Pharaoh Ramesses IV
Issue Ramesses V
Full name
Duatentopet of Egypt
Dynasty 20th Dynasty of Egypt
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion
N14 Z7
U33 S3
i O45 p
in hieroglyphs

Duatentopet or Tentopet was an Ancient Egyptian queen of the 20th dynasty and the wife of Pharaoh Ramesses IV and mother of Ramesses V. Even though the identity of Ramesses IV's wife is nowhere stated, judging from her titles mentioned in her tomb (QV74) she is the most likely candidate for this king's wife.[2]

An Adoratrix named Tentopet appears with Ramesses III in the Temple of Khonsu in the Karnak temple complex. Tentopet is likely to have been a daughter of Ramesses III, and is likely to be identical with Queen Duatentopet, making her a sister or half-sister of her husband.[3]

Her steward Amenhotep was buried in Theban tomb TT346.[4]


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