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Dubai Holding

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Dubai Holding
دبي القابضة
Holding Company (Government-owned)
Industry Hospitality
Financial Services
Real Estate
Specialised Business Parks
Founded October, 2004
Headquarters Dubai Holding Corporate Office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Key people
  • Abdulla Al Habbai
    (Executive Chairman)
  • Edris Al Rafi
    (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Amit Kaushal
    (Chief Financial Officer)
Revenue IncreaseUS$4.57 billion (2016) [1]
Number of employees
15,000 (including subsidiaries)

Dubai Holding (Arabic: دبي القابضة‎) is a global investment holding company that develops and manages an extensive portfolio of companies focused on investments, financial services, real estate, specialized business parks, telecommunications and hospitality. It is majority owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Ruler of Dubai, and the primary founder of Dubai Inc.[2]). Abdulla Al-Habbai has been chosen as chairman by Dubai ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum.[3][4]

History of Key Projects and Initiatives

Dubai Holding was established in 2004, with the directive of managing key, large scale, Dubai projects and intitiatives, with the aim of development for a varied, and sustainable, future economy [5].

After this they developed key projects, such as:

  • 2005: du launched in 2005, with the mission to connect people and businesses through mobile, telephone, broadband and IPTV services across the UAE.[8].
  • 2007: SmartCity launched in Kochi and Malta, creating purpose-built spaces for working and living. [11]
  • 2013: in5 launched to provide early stage companies with support, infrastructure and a working environment. [14].
  • 2014: The Innovation Hub was announced in 2014, and will focus on innovation across new media, technology, smart education and sciences coming from Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City. Phase I will be launched in 2017 [17].


Major business groups of Dubai Holding:[18]

1. Jumeirah Group, Jumeirah Hotels and Resorts is a Dubai-based international luxury hotel chain [19].

2. Dubai Properties Group (DPG), is a property development and management company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.[20] and its portfolio includes:

3. TECOM Group - formerly known as TECOM Investments, operates 11 sector-focused communities in Dubai.[21][22][23]. It operates and develops onshore business parks and free trade zones, including:

- TECOM Group also invests in:

4. ARAB MEDIA GROUP - New Media and Family Entertainment Vertical also managing:

5. Dubai International Capital(DIC) is the international investment arm of Dubai Holding, a global conglomerate and sovereign wealth fund of the government of Dubai and its ruling family [24].

6. Dubai Group is an investment company based in the United Arab Emirates. The company was founded in 2000 as the Investment Office, and was renamed Dubai Group in 2005.[25] Through its companies, the group focuses on banking, investments and insurance in the United Arab Emirates and globally.[26]

7. Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company invests in telecommunications in EMEASA region. [27].


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